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40-year-old Senior Manager of Indian Oil Corporation Died by Suicide After Jumping Off the 3rd Floor


One of the most effective ways we can save ourselves from going down into depression and anxiety is to discuss with and share with others so they can help us. you can share any problems and find solutions. you can share your thoughts, and problems through all social media and even share with your family first. Family always supports you and does not want to see that their child is suffering. Many people does mistakes and have many problems but they face the challenges of life troubles not giving up on life because suicide is not the option to end suffering. This also happened to a senior officer. She was deceased on Thursday. Who was she and why she committed suicide to know more details please continue to read.

IOCL senior manager jumps off Unity Building

How people can commit suicide after knowing what will happen to their family if they will no longer stay with them. The senior officer of IOCL committed suicide on Thursday evening around 7 pm. She died at the age of 40. The manager 40 years old senior manager of the INDIANĀ  OIL CORPORATION LIMITED(IOCL) died of suicide. The deceased was identified as Aparna Kumari. She was staying with her two children at her residence.

IOCL senior manager jumps off Unity Building

Aaparna Kumari was a resident of Victoria Layout in Ashoknagar and stayed with her two children. According to the police, we have been told by an eyewitness whose name is Prem that the victim jumped through the window. The office staff made a sterile attempt to rescue her by trying to grab her hand and pull her back. The victim was quickly taken down to the nearby hospital where she capitulate to her injuries. Aparana Kumari committed suicide by jumping on the third floor of the Unity Building at SJ Park. Police station limits near BBMP head office.

According to DCP R Srinivas Gowda, She was suffering from depression and anxiety. Maybe this is the cause of her attempted suicide and she also left a three-paragraph suicide note in her diary. She was transferred from Bengaluru to Odisha, recently. The victim’s mobile phone has also been seized, police investigate her colleagues and friend’s family and recorded their statements. Moreover, her family remains silent till now about her step on this suicide. we hope that you will not make any steps like this please think about before that what will happen to them after who lives for you only and love you. if you have any problem or kind of issue please discuss it with your family and don’t give up. suicide is not the option to end your suffering.For more updates stay tuned with us.


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