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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Inverter Brand


Inverter price is unarguably one of the most important considerations when buying a home UPS inverter. But inverter price is not the only factor that one should keep in mind when buying a home UPS inverter. In fact, choosing the right inverter brand is the most important thing to do when buying an inverter. On that note, in this post, we list some of the key things one must consider when looking for a good inverter brand. Let’s take a look. 


1. Range of Options 

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a good inverter company is the product range it has to offer. Go with a brand that offers a wide selection, as it will increase your chances of finding the right product for your specific needs. Luminous India, for instance, is one of those companies that offers a wide array of inverters and batteries. The company offers various inverter series based on unique features, price range and other parameters. The company offers customers flexibility in choosing a UPS based on several performance parameters such as VA rating and UPS technology.

2. Quality

The quality of an inverter depends on various factors such as the features it has to offer, and the technology and materials used in manufacturing it. The best way to bring home a high-quality inverter is to buy from a reputable inverter company famed for producing quality products. Luminous India, for instance, is one of the brands specialized in producing high quality inverters with latest features. Their inverters are known for their outstanding performance and exemplary designs. In fact, Luminous India’s Icon Series inverters recently received a Gold Star Award in the category of Best Product of the Year.

3. Customer Base

While reading online reviews is one of the ways to gauge a company’s credibility, there are many companies that peddle fake reviews on the internet. So it is advisable that besides customer reviews you should also check the customer base of the company. If the company’s customer base is at par or better than its peers, it’s a good sign. Also, if the customer base has been growing steadily, that’s a good sign too. 

4. Warranty

The warranty that an inverter company offers on its products will help you get an idea about the confidence that the company has in their products. The longer the warranty offered by the company, the more confidence it has in its products, and more the peace of mind it guarantees to its customers. Luminous India, for example, offers generous warranties on its products. 

5. Customer service

One of the issues that many customers complain about, after having purchased a product, is that the after-sales service isn’t as good as the pre-sales service. If you want to make sure that you buy an inverter from a customer centric company then you must read online reviews. Also, if a company’s sales rep is too pushy about selling their product then you need to beware of such companies. 

Bottom Line

When buying an inverter, or any other product, always focus on the value and not just the price. And to determine the value that an inverter is offering, consider the factors mentioned in this post. And if you want to make things simpler, just make sure that you buy through a reputable inverter brand such as Luminous India. It is one of the leading power solutions brands in the country with more than 70 million plus satisfied customers. 


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