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5 Ways To Convince Your Friends To Book A Private Jet


If you scroll through Instagram regularly, you’ll see flashy people showing off in private jets. Everyone makes it seem like you need to be a millionaire to do the same, yet it’s easy for anyone with a good job.

You will probably need a few friends to help with the costs, but how will you convince them to splash the cash? Let’s look at a few good ways to make them see the light, which means you might be flying private soon.

  1. Going Away For A Big Celebration

A private jet charter cost seems more reasonable if you’re traveling somewhere for a celebration. Maybe one of your friends has a big upcoming birthday party, so it would be easy to convince everyone to chip in for the flight.

People usually do something special when a friend is getting married, so you could fly to a bachelor party in Vegas on a private jet. Ask your buddies what they think the next time everyone is ready to celebrate in style.

  1. Easier To Reach Random Locations

Once people reach a certain age, they don’t like sitting in cars and buses for hours. That sometimes happens when flying on commercial planes because they only fly to certain airports, so you’ll need to drive part of the journey.

Private jets are a hundred times more flexible because they can fly to local airports any time you want. If you’re trying to reach somewhere remote, it requires less time to reach your final destination once you land.

  1. Talking About Empty Leg Flights

Aircraft fleet management includes filling up empty flights when they’re going somewhere to pick up a passenger. For example, if a charter company needs to pick someone up in Los Angeles, they might fly there in an empty jet.

The company will happily give you a good discount if you’re willing to fill the seats. You will need to enquire about what’s available because it changes constantly, but I think it’s a decent way to convince your friends.

  1. Start Collecting Money Right Now

Everyone finds it hard to hand over a large chunk of money, even if they earn lots. It’s much easier to hand over a smaller amount every month. You could start asking your friends to give you a little one year in advance.

Make sure they set up direct debits, and they won’t even need to think about it. Enquire about how much a flight is likely to cost before talking to them. You’ll know how much to ask for per month by guessing their salaries.

  1. Impress Potential Life Partners

Who doesn’t want to impress the partner of their dreams? If you have single friends, you can hire a private jet to impress your dates. Let the people everyone is dating know you’re taking them away on a special holiday.

Explain to your friends how much it will help their relationships, which should get them excited. It will still work if everyone is married. I’m sure your wives would like to be whisked away for a few days in the sun.

It’s Worth Asking At The Very Least

Maybe your friends will think it’s a terrible idea, but you never know until you ask. Once you’ve experienced it, you might decide to make it a regular thing.


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