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6 Reasons Why Every Cricket Lover Should Play Fantasy Cricket


If you are passionate about cricket, you would have heard about fantasy leagues. It is fun, entertaining, and would keep your mind off other things. It is engaging and even lets you earn money!

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Now, you must be wondering whether it is legal or not. Well, sites like MPL are legal and safe to play on. The Indian Premier (IPL) has a significant impact on the virtual cricket leagues. While there are controversies regarding fantasy leagues, experts say that it is good for your health and mind.

Every cricket lover should indulge in the game as it improves concentration level as well as motor skills.

As per Forbes, the demand for fantasy leagues is here to stay. Coronavirus has obviously contributed to its soaring popularity. But yes, the fantasy leagues were present before 2020 too, with cheap mobile data and reasonably priced mobile phones being a contributing factor.

It can also help you socialize while staying at home. You can get in touch with your friends and family while containing the spread of the virus. If you are still not convinced, then read why you should play fantasy cricket leagues. You do not have anything to lose!

Download the best fantasy cricket app out there and start building your fantasy team now!

Here are some solid reasons:

You would be able to indulge in cricket: 

If you have always loved cricket and have good knowledge about the game, you should get involved in fantasy leagues. They are engaging and would help you hone your cricket skills. You must download the MPL app if you love spending time utilizing your cricket skills.

It is a fantastic platform. The game provides endless entertainment and provides the proper scope to know more. To boost your winning chances, you have to plan a strategy for the game. Thorough research, such as reading blogs, checking updates about players, etc. are required while playing virtual leagues. What more can a cricket fan want than to spend a few hours every day in this amazing world of cricket?

You can build your own team

Who doesn’t dream of owning and driving his cricket team? Now you can form your own cricket team virtually. You can select 11 players for your team and then predict the scores. Trust us, you will thoroughly enjoy it. Choose players who have more than one skill – please keep in mind that the captain gets 2x points and vice-captain gets 1.5x points for the runs they score. So you have to analyze a lot of things before you choose the captain or vice-captain.

While owning a team in real-life can be nearly impossible, it is not so much in the virtual world.

You can socialize

You can invite your friends and family to this game. It enables you to interact with like-minded people as well.

You can get tips from people who are pro players. It is wonderful to have conversations with people who share the same passion. They are as excited about cricket as you are – you will finally get acknowledged for your skills.

They will guide you and share happiness with you, and you will enjoy the healthy competition as well. 

You can amplify the excitement one has related to IPL

Indians love IPL. It brings communities together. From watching the match together with friends to talking about the big sponsorships, IPL is all about glitz and glam. You will now be able to be a part of the same. You can be much more than a mere spectator. How cool is that! You have to follow the IPL matches to excel in the fantasy league.

Is there any injury? Is your selected player sick? What is the result of the toss? You have to be on your toes to increase your winning chances.

Keep up with the sport

You would be able to keep up with your favorite sport. A true cricket fan would love it. Be it new rules, pitch report, weather changes, new cricket regulation, or the exit of a player, you have to know everything. For this, we suggest you download a few apps as well.

Researching about every minute detail is nothing but necessary. From the track record of players to current form and performance stats, you have to know it all if you want to beat your competitors.

You can make money

If you play the contests, you can win money. It is always great to win some extra cash. Apart from getting yourself entertained, you can earn through playing this game. If you play on MPL, you can easily withdraw your money through UPI, Google pay, etc.

So these are the top reasons for you to download the fantasy cricket app. We hope that you will do it and enjoy the game to the fullest!

Have people always judged your cricket-fanatic side? Do they say you are just too obsessed with this game? If yes, then please prove to everyone that you actually know about the game! Research well and win hefty cash so that those people can now be jealous. Predict with care and do not take any decision in a hustle. We hope that we have given you robust reasons for this!



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