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6 Year Old Dies on Haunted Mine Drop Ride at Colorado Amusement Park Check Girl Name Video Image


A horrific piece of news is coming forward where a young girl died while being on a Haunted Mine Drop ride situated at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. The news has undoubtedly shocked everyone as the girl was only 6-years-old. Her family had gotten devastated after learning about their daughter’s sudden and untimely demise. Who would have thought that a fun ride would cost the girl to lose her life? The accident had been reported in Glenwood Springs located in Colorado. Along with the family, the workers of the drop ride are also in deep sorrow.

6 Year Old Dies on Haunted Mine Drop Ride

Though the name of the girl who died at the adventure park has not been revealed yet. As per the statement of the authorities, the little girl’s family had come from Colorado Springs. The deadly ride caused her to get severe injuries that turned out to be fatal. Unfortunately, the girl was pronounced dead at the scene only. Ever since the terrifying accident took place, the park had gotten closed. It is coming forward that the adventure park was closed on Monday and it is expected that it would remain close until the next day. Besides, the police investigation is also underway.

The authorities of Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park expressed their sadness on the unpredictable accident. They stated that their prayers and tributes go out to the little girl and all the people who were involved. A YouTuber named Taylor Bybee, who mainly creates content about the adventurous rides, has also shared his sadness on the horrific tragedy. Taylor has taken the deadly ride almost 30 times and even had uploaded a video on his channel talking about the security and safety it promises. It is being stated that the seats of the drop ride are laced with seatbelts that don’t let the passengers fall down.

However, the accident happened and it was extremely unfortunate. The parents who have arrived at the said adventure park to enjoy are left with nothing but deep sorrow and grief. Losing their young daughter was something they have never thought about. Talking about the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, it came into existence in 2017. The Haunted Mine Drop is also the world’s first drop ride that goes underground and it is around 110 feet down. As the visitors go down inside the mountain, they get to listen to ghostly mining tales. As of now, the investigation is underway while the autopsy will also be performed by the end of the week.


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