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7 Challenge Coin Collecting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Did you know coin collecting is one of the most popular hobbies? However, some new numismatists make common mistakes like cleaning challenge coins or not finding genuine coins. If you want to learn about common mistakes to avoid, keep reading.


This guide teaches you about common challenge coin collecting mistakes. Starting a coin collection is fun, but protect your investment. Keep your current challenge coins in good shape.

Check out our tips below.

  1. Should You Clean Your Challenge Coins?

Standard mistake collectors make cleaning their coins. The finish of your challenge coin could become damaged. Coins don’t need to get buffeted like old cars. Cleaning your coins takes precise steps.

You don’t want to discolor or damage the coins. Consider bringing your coins to professionals to clean.

  1. Can You Identify Real Challenge Coins?

Some people also need help buying fake challenge coins, which is very discouraging. Even seasoned coin collectors can get duped by counterfeit coins. Make sure to bring a microscope to inspect the coin and compare it to the original coin. If you’re uncertain, ask a friend who is a reliable source.

  1. What Resources Do You Use?

With coin collecting, using the proper guide and grading books is helpful. Most collectors will depend on the Whitman Red Book.

Connect with your coin-collecting community to find out what resources they’d recommend. Learn more about custom medallions found here. You could also ask a local challenge coin dealer for more information.

  1. Some People Don’t Protect Their Finds

WitYoued to have the appropriate storage mechanisms. K for anything worthwhile and valuable to prevent your challenge coins from getting damaged. You can buy archive-grade coin holders to protect your findings from acids, dirt, or dust.

Talk to an expert to find out more. They can help you choose the appropriate mechanism for your coins.

  1. Choose the Right Dealer

Buying from a reputable challenge coin dealer will save you a lot of heartaches. Buy valuable or rare coins from well-vetted sellers who have impeccable reputations. It’s not hard to create counterfeit coins. This is why it’s essential to find a reputable dealer.

  1. Don’t Handle Your Coins With Bare Hands

Some people might think picking their challenge coins with bare fingers is harmless, but your hands have a lot of oil and invisible dirt. Handle all your rare coins with special jeweler gloves. You could scratch the coin surface with other fibrous gloves if you don’t use these gloves.

  1. Find Coins in Many Different Ways

Some challenge coin collectors will stick to the same route for finding new coins. They don’t like to change their process. Yet, suppose you diversify your search to find new challenge coins. In that case, you can find unique and exciting challenge coins through different channels.

Challenge Coin Collecting Mistakes

Did you find this guide helpful on challenge coins? Avoid common challenge coin collecting mistakes today. You should avoid handling your coins with bare hands. 

Make sure to buy from reputable and vetted sellers.

Need more helpful tips? Check out the resources on our blog today. 


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