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9 Ways To Market Your Agency When You’re Too Busy


In the competitive market today, brands are always looking for ways to increase their productivity while attracting more consumers and generating more revenue.

Whether you’re still looking to grow your consumer base or have a two-month waiting list of customers, marketing is a constant commercial activity that your company must engage in. The problem isn’t choosing if you should advertise but rather determining what kind of marketing you should perform.

Ways To Market Your Agency

In this article, we have listed some strategies that you can utilize to get the best out of your marketing efforts each week.

  • Cherry Pick Key Activities

Being productive does not mean that you need to complete all the outlined tasks before the deadline. Marketing needs to be strategic, and any forced actions done without planning will take your results south. It’s all about concentrating on the actions that will have the most impact on attracting new leads and clients to your firm. Choose tasks that really thrill you since you’ll be more inclined to complete them.

List your three or five most essential tasks and objectives for the next few weeks at the start of each month or quarter. Then, break down each project into separate tasks that may be done weekly. This will keep you on track to accomplish your marketing objectives while also preventing you from being overwhelmed and abandoning your marketing goals.

  • Compartmentalize Your Tasks

Getting greater clarity on how long it will take you to complete the tasks on your to-do list is one useful method to make the most of your time during the day. If you know you need to plan your social media updates, and it will only take 5 minutes of your day, you can easily do it in between meetings. Another great way to do this is by using third-party applications to schedule your posts.

If you estimate that a project, such as developing a landing page, will take more than two hours, schedule a time to finish it on your calendar. All in all, the goal is to smoothly fit in tasks that can be performed and excelled when rostered accordingly.

  • Social Media Presence

There are numerous methods to advertise your business online that will help you reach a larger audience. Social media is one of the essential outlets for this. You can establish your brand’s presence on these platforms and connect with your audience if you have a sound social media marketing strategy in place.

However, before you begin a full-fledged social media plan, you must first determine which platforms are best to reach your target audience. Another way that you can market your agency is by getting the members of your company on social media platforms. Get them tweeting, posting, and sharing so that everyone knows about your brand.

  • Video Marketing

People like engaging with videos, thus, video marketing is one of the greatest methods to advertise your brand online. Most internet users will spend twice more time on pages with videos and will engage with videos more than with text. This works in your favor because you can communicate a lot of information in a short amount of time through videos.

As significant as the video’s substance is, the video’s quality is also crucial. Online ad maker tools can be used in creating quality videos. Video marketing will aid in the online promotion of your company by providing consumers with an interesting platform through which to learn more about your brand.

  • Repurpose Content

Repurposing some of your most popular blog pieces into ebooks is a fantastic idea. You may accomplish this ahead of time by deciding on a topic to write about in a series of blog articles.

Once the postings are published, merge the content and add more research, photos, and information to create a unique offering. This shouldn’t take more than a few hours, and you’ll have a fresh content offer to market and create new leads since you already know it will succeed because it was a top-performing blog article.

  • Turn Customers into Brand Advocates

Customers can use the information they gather from social media to assist their purchasing decision. As a result, social proof will assist your company in becoming a trusted and legitimate entity in the eyes of your target audience. This will help you turn your existing customers into brand champions and generate positive social proof by leveraging their trust and loyalty.

It takes time to develop brand champions; it is not like rubbing a magic lamp. You must acquire consumer insights, comprehend customer behavior, and then develop a campaign to persuade your committed customers to promote your business on social media.

  • Make Employees Your Brand Promoters

Employees can help you recruit fresh talent and consumers by acting as brand ambassadors. When your employees like coming to work and are given the tools they need to succeed, they will return the favor and promote your firm in a variety of ways.

As a result, making them your brand ambassadors will benefit your company. Your workers will act as clever ambassadors for your brand, promoting it from the inside out. As you might already know, word-of-mouth marketing is quite effective, and when it comes from inside the workforce, it becomes a worthwhile method to test.

  • Include Customer Testimonials

Most marketers are unaware of how testimonials can help customer acquisition, retention, and reputation building. With positive feedback from your consumers about your company and customer service, customers unknowingly play an essential role in marketing your brand.

Thus, you can opt for written testimonials, as they are most effective when they come from a well-known or influential figure in the industry. Otherwise, they may appear to be phony. Another great way to do this is through video testimonials, though they can be a bit difficult to come by. It’s ideal to get someone to snap a brief screen recording, but it is much better if you can send a camera team to capture something officially.

  • Prioritize Consumer Engagement

The number of customers accumulated is a good determinant of the success of a business. The more the number of consumers, the higher the revenue. Connecting with consumers to recognize and comprehend their demands can aid your company’s efficient growth.

Furthermore, consumer interaction contributes to a positive online reputation, which is crucial to a company’s overall success. As a result, connecting with consumers is the most effective approach to enhance loyalty and retention.

Wrapping Up

In the hustle of meeting the client’s needs, deadlines, reviewing proposals, finding new clients, etc., most businesses overlook this vital aspect – marketing their own agency.

The above-mentioned tips can help you to market your brand even if you are too busy to get the task done. Remember, you can always push your marketing needs aside, but the more you setback, the greater your loss. Thus, use these tips and find time between your goals and start marketing your brand.


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