Home General News 9-Year-Old Girl’s Rape and Murder Case in Delhi Check Accused Names Images

9-Year-Old Girl’s Rape and Murder Case in Delhi Check Accused Names Images


Very sad and heart-wrenching news is coming in front of people where some people raped a 9-year-old girl and killed her, in Delhi. The news affected everyone to such an extent that the anger of the people broke out and everyone is demanding justice for the victim so that, the government should take some strong steps. Because such incidents are very punishable and for the safety of the girls, the government should be asked to pass some strict rules. Because it is so sad that no one can even imagine that a man can fall to such an extent that by raping a girl child and killed her.  

9-Year-Old Girl’s Rape

As per the exclusive reports, After raping the girl, she was forcibly cremated and her family was told that the real cause of the victim’s death was an electric shock. As the news is coming out, the accused refused to tell the police anything to the family of the victim, saying that the police would complicate it even more. The incident is from the Nangal Gaon area of ​​Cantonment of Delhi which happened on Sunday. What did the Chief Minister of Delhi say about the matter, see the information given below.

The Chief Minister Of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal assured people that he will make sure that the culprits will get strict punishment. He has demanded the death penalty and at the same time, he said that there is also a need to increase the security in Delhi so that, such crimes do not happen to anyone. He further said that he himself will meet Victim’s family on Wednesday and will support them in this fight so that, their daughter will get justice as soon as possible. Many people are demanding justice for the victim, even some well-prominent personalities are demanding justice from the government in this matter.

As per the sources, the Delhi Police has been transferred the case to the CBI (Crime Branch), So that the matter is fully investigated because it is very important to punish the guilty, and this time the government is also providing its full help. Because everyone would like that the accused should get the punishment as soon as possible, and the anger of the people should calm down because this incident is quite frightening. So that’s why people are standing step by step with the family of the victim so that their daughter can get justice and no one can do such kind of rape.


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