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A Man Killed In Lion Attack At Gauteng Game Reserve


The tragic accident happend in Gauteng Game Reserve where a man was mauled to death by a lion. A lion has torn apart and eaten an employee of a game reserve in South Africa after the man took an ill-advised nighttime stroll. what happend and what is the entire matter we will provide you with all information and details about this tragic incident that happened in Gauteng so scroll down the page and continue to read the article until the end.

Lion Attack

According to the report, An employee of a private game reserver in South Africa after the man took an ill-advised nighttime stroll. The victim identified as Johannes Matshe died at the age of 30 due to a lion attack in Dinokeng Game Reserve after dark on Sunday night.

The employee had been walking on the premises at night when he was attacked by the animals. The employee enters the Dinokeng Game Reserve and enter the lion enclosure over concerns about a smell when the lion mauled him.The video of this lion attack circulated and spreading on all over social media platforms and channels.

Hartogh Streicher the reserve spokeperson said the operations manager responded to a report about a human remains at about 10:37 on Monday.

Photos circulating on social media showed the remains, including a skull and a leg bone had a shoe attached and Streicher sais walking on the reserve at night was prohibited and conveyed condolences to family and said the incident was a sombre reminnder of the danger of wild animals.

Johna was stalked and mericilessley attavcked by one of the reserves big cat residents which left his blood spattered remains scattered over the grounds.Mr.  Matesh was discovered by the parks operations manager who found his colleague’s body the morning after the attack.

Lion Attack

Horrifying picyyures showed to the extent of the attack inflicted on Mr. Matshe before he was found on Monday.

It said to be by the Hartiogh Dtriecher who is a spoleperson that nightime walks on the reserve are dangerous and strictly forbidden and warn all that lions are noctutrnal animals driven by their natural instinct and hunting patterns.

Similarly this case happened before in 2018 where a 22 year old woman died after being attacked by a lion at the reserve and the woman who was accompained a friend who went to interviews the camps manager.

It should be known by people that amimals have own natures which is nocturturnal so you should aware not went and gone to restricted and prohibited area.


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