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Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha 2nd July 2021 Written Updates: Rajvi Gets Panic Attacks


The upcoming episode of Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha begins where Chetan and Parul unleash everything that why they were talking about property shares. Meanwhile, Charmi makes them sure that she will never let Pooja file the case against Rajvi. Sponteniuoslt Rajvi starts accusing herself by saying that how could she have done this with Nandini, she regrets that she did not even give her a single chance for justification. Thinking all this, the tremors of panic attacks start coming, and Vipul tries to console her.

Another side, Nandini is roaming alone on the road and reaches a Tea shop, and meantime tea seller looks at her because she is looking dull. He offers her tea and asks the reason for walking alone at late-night. Later, she goes ahead and sees a terrific accident where a girl has died and the culprit is running. She starts chasing him but gets disappeared, inside the truck Jhunjhunwala also sits injured and unconscious. Nandini tries to make him revive, but his condition is extremely critical.

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After that, Nandini decides to make them admit to the hospital, and meanwhile, Nandini gets a sound of a tiny girl, who is sitting on the back. Nandini comes to her and the girl lings to her and starts calling her mummy meanwhile, she unleashes everything that a truck driver has crushed a car and rushed away. On the other hand, Shobit and Darsh also arrive at the same Dhaba where Nandini was sitting for a while, and they start asking people about Nandini.

But they start making fun of his blindness by saying that his wife has taken advantage of his blindness and runs away with dust in his eyes. Darsh gets angry to hear this, and mayhem with them, and meantime, Shobit comes and tries to make his anger reduce but he is anger has gone at its peak. But a boy hits Darsh’s head with iron road and he gets brutally injured and gets unconscious, Shobit gets worried and starts shouting for help and Suddenly Chetan’s car passes them and he comes to him.

Then Shobit tells Chetan to admit Darsh to the hospital, and Chetan decides to make Darsh admit him to the same hospital where his surgery will be scheduled. Later, Police reach the accident area and ask Nandini about Jhunjhunwala and a Tiny girl. Meanwhile, Shobit also reaches there but the police have sealed the accident place, he asks them that what happened. Then an officer informs him that an accident took a place and the name of the deceased is Nandini, Shobit gets shocked to hear this and starts crying.


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