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Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha (ANNS) 14th July 2021 Episode: Darsh Gets Doubt On Charmi


The recent episode of Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha Latest will start where Charmi is getting hesitant to enter Darsh’s room because she is not her wife, her bangles trembles in Panic, causing Darsh to wake up. Meanwhile, Charmi says that Rajvi assigned her homework so first, she will have to do that, Darsh assures her it’s fine she can do that. But Spontaneously he asks her to bring her nightdress so that, she can study properly. At the same time, Nandini also recalling how the Raval family insulted her.

Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha

Then Vini also gets awake to see Nandini and asks her what happened but Nandini handles herself in front of her. Meanwhile, asks her to get ready because they have to go for a recording and they go to take bath. Another side, Charmi is doing Yoga and extempore Darsh arrives and wonders that when did she start doing Yoga. She puts on headphones, hence she is not hearing a ringtone, and meanwhile, Darsh receives her call and someone addresses her Charmi.

After that, Darsh gets shocked to hear this because he is not getting why someone addresses Nandini as Charmi. Spontaneously Charmi removes her headphones and Darsh informs her that someone asking about Dr. Charmi. But extempore Rajvi comes and handles the circumstances by making an excuse, she says that Nandini went to Charmi’s house yesterday. Where her mobile was dead and she used Nandini’s mobile hence, that person made her call.

Then Darsh asks Rajvi to meet Charmi for apologizing because whatever Shobit has done, it’s not her fault, meanwhile, he says that he wants to go for a check-up with Nandini. Another side, Shobit is getting depressed and converse with Naveen Bhai that he is a murderer of Nandini, and a defaulter as well because he made his Brother’s life hell. But Naveen consoles him by saying that it was a face that has passed, so focus on his coming life.

On the other hand, Nandini is preparing breakfast for Vini and meanwhile, Nandini gets a call from Guru Ji who informs her that today’s recording has been canceled. But he got another offer for her, but for that, she has to send her voice recording for example. Then Both reach the clinic and meanwhile, Charmi’s saree gets unorganized and Darsh offers her help and at the same time thing that something is wrong because Nandini knows how to wear a saree. So do not miss to watch it on Starplus at 06:00 PM and for more details connect with us.


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