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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha (ANNS) 20th July 2021 Latest Written Update: Nandini Grabs Darsh’s Collar


The upcoming episode of Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha will start where Darsh enters in Jhunjhulwala mansion and spontaneously Nandini throws a water bucket on him. Because she thought he was a goon but she sees him she gets shocked because it was not expected at all. Both look at each other but Darsh is not able to recognize her, and Nandini is getting worried that why he is not recognizing her. Meanwhile, he introduces himself and mentions that he did not know that JJ uncle donated his eyes to him.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha (ANNS) 20th July 2021 Latest Written Update: Nandini Grabs Darsh's Collar

Spontaneously, Nandini stops him by saying that please don’t say this because still, Vini is unfamiliar from his grandfather’s demise. Meanwhile, Nandini gets unconscious because she had an overdose of cough syrup which became the cause of her unconsciousness. At the same time, Vini comes there and gets shocked to see her mother’s condition and shouts at him by saying that what he did with her mother. But he consoles her and says that so do not worry he is calling to doctor for her checkup.

After that, he makes a call to the doctor and urges them to visit Jhunjhunwala’s house as soon as possible, they call Charmi for visiting there. Charmi agrees to go there and informs Rajvi that she will have to go there because the patient’s condition is not good. Another side, Darsh sees JJ uncle’s portrait and says that he wished to see Darsh on CEO’s chair but due to circumstances it could not possible. At the same time, Nandini is getting back her senses and he goes to asks her that everything is fine now.

But Nandini is recalling her past when Darsh dishonored her in front of the entire society without listening to her at all. Meantime, Nandini grabs his collar and says that she knows him very well, but he gets shocked to hear this, and says that he was blind for the last three years. She retaliates to him by saying that he has a position but his heart is too small, and extempore she again gets unconscious. Darsh wonders that he can not leave her here alone because she is the daughter of Jhunjhunwala uncle.

Later, Parul makes a call to Bansuri and urges her to make sweets for them as Nandini used to make, but she refuses to make it. Vanlata hears everything and praises her because she is ready to execute her conspiracy. Hence, she calls Gunjan and says that she can get a chance again to enter Raval’s house. But for that she has to make sweets as Nandini used to make, Gunjan starts laughing by saying that she does not even know how to make tea. So watch it on Starplus at 06:00 Pm and for more details connect with us.


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