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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha ANNS 25th August 2021 Written Episode: Gunjan Dies


In the latest episode of Apki Nazron Ne Samjha, we will watch that Darsh and Shobit approaching the cliff and noticed Nandini there. Nandini asks Darsh to hurry up as Gunjan’s life is at threat. Darsh asks for her and she narrates him the directions. Shobit asks what is he doing here and they all leave. Naveen brings some groceries and asks about Gunjan. He says I yelled on her just for her good as she is getting quite stubborn these days. Just then Bansuri informs Naveen that you forgot to bring Mushroom soup of her choice.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Naveen says that he is going to bring her favourite soup. Gunjan there is struggling for her life and requests not to leave her hand. Just then Charmy noticed Darsh there and says Nandini and Shobit are coming. Gunjan asks them to pull her up. Charmy pretending things and says don’t leave my hand. Everyone rushes there and is stunned by what is going on there. She further apologised and says she has to do it for the baby and leaves the hand. Police arrived at the spot and asks what happened. Police try to recover Gunjan’s corpse.

Charmy again fake crying and says her hand slipped out my hand and she can’t manage to save her. Nandini tries to console her and says that you did your best. Darsh says might she get saved. The Police even started their investigation and call Nandini to meet the offender and how Gunjan reached here. Nandini revealed that Gunjan lashed out at Rajvi. They were all stunned to hear her words. Nandini later says that Gunjan was the real accused. She was coming to kill Charmy’s child. She says this for the second time when Gunjan attempted to assassinate Rajvi.

All of them reached the hospital and Rajvi comes to their senses, everyone is pleased to see her. Dadaji appreciates the doctor and the rest of the team. The Police took Darsh in the custody and Rajvi is aghast when she came to know all about Darsh, but Vipul consoles her. He says things are under control no need to panic. Parul then asks Vini to let Rajvi take some rest and they all leave. Vipul again tries to calm Rajvi and says Police is misunderstood. Rajvi says Gunjan pushed me unintentionally and I fell down she wasn’t attacking me. Chetan gets shocked. Get the complete episode on Star Plus at 6 PM and stay connected with Social Telecast for more Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha written updates.



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