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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha (ANNS) Written Episode Update 12th July 2021: Vini Gets Kidnapped?


The upcoming episode of Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha will begin where Darsh gets suspicious while talking to Charmi because Nandini always talks in Gujrati Accent, and Charmi does not even a single Gujrati word. Meanwhile, Rajvio arrives there and tries to handle the circumstances by saying that while his surgery was going on she did not pay much attention to her own accent, due to which she is talking like this. Another side, Nandini is learning music so that she can earn money because now she has responsibilities.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha (ANNS) Written Episode Update 12th July 2021: Vini Gets Kidnapped?

Then Rajvi is bringing Darsh to Porbander where his checkup will take place meanwhile, she comes out to find the clinic. Meanwhile, Darsh is thinking that he got his eye-sight but still, Rajvi is treating him as previously. At the same time, Vini is following the artist who took lord Krishna’s attire, but she could not reach him. Nandini sees that Vini is not there and gets worried because she can let anything happen wrong with her. Then Nandini’s photo falls outside of the car throw the wind, and meanwhile, Vini takes that.

After that, Vini wonders why was her mother’s picture in Darsh Car she gets angry and comes to his car and rebukes Darsh that why he threw her ATM’s picture outside. But Darsh gets shocked because he is not getting anything, but he gets to know that she is fighting with him. She shows him Nandini’s photo but he does not recognize that because he recently got his eye-sight back, and before all that he did not see Nandini. But he consoles her and says that should make a call to her mother so that, she can bring her back.

Then Darsh makes a call to Nandini and informs her about Vini by saying her daughter is with them, after listening to which Nandini is convinced that it was done by the goons. She replies how dare he to kidnapped her daughter, but Darsh gets shocked and says that has she gone mad or lost her senses. Extempore Vini grabs his mobile and makes Nandini Understand that he is a nice person, not a goon but Nandini says that she should not need to talk to him.

Then Nandini asks her the reason that why she left her in the music academy Vini replies that she was following “Kanha Ji” but she forgot the way. Meanwhile, Nandini says that she is coming as soon as possible and unless she does not need to go anywhere else. Rajvi also comes back and informs that Vini is misplaced and unless her mother arrives he can not leave the place. So do not miss to watch it on Star Plus at 06:00 PM and for more updates connect with us.


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