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Adrián Mesa Dies Find Out Cause of Death Renowned Cuban Officially Announced About Him


The quite frightening news is taking place on social media that will wrench your heart too because the popular Cuban Announcer Adrian Mesa has passed away on Wednesday due to a stroke in Miami. He was well familiar for his radio station Zeta 93.3 FM channel, ever since the news came his all close ones broke down in tears. Because they lost their loved one and therefore they are going through great pain, due to his popularity his fans are paying tribute to him through social media. Because of which Twitter has been flooded by the tribute messages, so check the comprehensive details about him below such as wiki-bio, age, net worth, family, etc.

Adrián Mesa death

As per the exclusive reports and sources, the news arrived shortly after midnight Tuesday, and it is being said that the cause of his demise and funeral details did not reveal yet. Even his all colleagues are expressing their sorrow because they lost one of the most talented communicators. Uncounted people love to hear his voice through radio channels, but ever since they came to know about the incident they have been shattered. Hence, numerous fans of him are praying to God so that, they would get some strength to bear the pain of the incident, which will help them to overcome.

When it comes to the essential details of Adrian Mesa so in the late 1980’s he has finished his studies in the broadcasting stream at the Miami Lake Technical Education Center, and got a graduation degree from Miami-Dade College School of journalism. It is reported that after the establishment of the famous FM 92.3 he became part of the radio team because he was quite interested in the Radio field and decided to go with his interest. He had started as DJ as well and done the “This is Alvarez Guedes” show around 14 years. He was a multi-talented guy who knew everything thing that made him different than others.

The numerics of his fans are too massive and everyone is going through a big shock because no one even thought that, they will have to bear such a great loss. Ever since the incident of his demise came in front of everyone, a wave of grief surrounded them. Because such sudden demise can make anyone shattered therefore everyone is praying for his family so that, they can overcome soon. His all relatives and close ones are expressing their sorrow through Twitter, because due to the ongoing pandemic there are a restriction to visit anywhere, so may god rest in peace his soul (RIP)


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