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Air India’s Delhi-London Flight Reverts After Passenger, Harms’ 2 Cabin Crew Members


Air India Flight To London Returns To Delhi After Cabin Crew Has Been Harmed By A Flier.
The tragic incident comes in the months after a drunk man urinated on a woman co-passenger onboard an Air India Plane flying from New York to Delhi. An unruly passenger allegedly harmed two cabin crew members during an Air India Flight to London, after an incident, the Flight returned to Delhi. An update was given by the airline. A police case registered and the flier has been deboarded.

Air India's Delhi-London Flight Reverts

According to the sources, Today, Air India said in a statement that a flight to London’s Heathrow Airport returned shortly after take-off due to “the serious unmanageable behaviour of a passenger”. Not accepting the verbal and written warnings, the passenger continued with his bad behaviour and caused physical harm to two of the cabin crew members. Due to this, the pilot in command decided to return the flight to Delhi and the passenger was handed over to the security personnel upon landing. The airline also mentioned that ‘an FIR has also been registered to the police’.

Air India’s Delhi-London Flight Reverts After Passenger

The Airline is stressing over the matter and said that the “safety, security and dignity” of the passengers on board is important to Air India. Further statement increased that “they regret the inconvenience felt to the passengers and this afternoon, they rescheduled the flight to depart for London”. According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), The Air India Boeing 787 had been taken off at 6:35 am and returned to Delhi at 9:42 am.

The incident is also investigating by the Civil aviation regulator. The popular aviation flight tracker app, Flightradar24, indicates that the jetliner altered course to return to India when it was flying near Peshawar in Pakistan. This February, In an interview with NDTV, a statement is released by Air India CEO Campbell Wilson. He said, ” Often airline crew suffer physical and verbal abuse on duty. Not a single day goes by without us receiving reports about passenger behaviour”.

A small change should be done in India’s Airline Laws in order to allow airlines the discretion to deny someone, especially when they have misbehaved with the crew or fellow passengers. As a bad behaviour can’t be tolerated in the airline. Taking up a previous case, in November last year, a drunk man urinated on a woman co-passenger on board an Air India plane flying from New York to Delhi. The case, which came to be known as Pee-Gate, a massive debate sparked on passenger conduct, forcing airlines to issue tough guidelines to tackle this kind of unruly fliers.


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