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Alabama Two Teens Killed In Crash On Prom Night


Today we are going to share some shocking news with you. This breaking news is viral on the internet vastly. Two teenagers died in a car accident. Their car collided with a semi-truck. This is extremely sad news for everyone. You can think about that how the incident happened. When did the incident happen? Where the incident has happened? We have shared all the information with you about this incident. Scroll up to read more information in detail.

According to the information, on 15th April, at Skyland Boulevard East on Saturday, in the early morning at around 1:50. This incident happened in Alabama. They both returned from their High School teens The teenager driving Tesla, the vehicle became trapped underneath the truck. This is an extremely bad accident in the morning. They have no idea about this accident. The people call the police after this accident. The ambulance also comes there.


The police investigating this case. The names of the victim were identified, as Samuel Brown who was just 18 years old, and Madison Sims who was just 17 years old. Both victims are athletic students in their High Schools. Samuel was a brilliant football player at Robert C. Hatch High School, while Madison was a good track star at Bryant High School.  The accident was really shocking. This is a very critical situation for their families. After hearing about this accident news their families are in depression. People post victims’ photos on social media and write quotes.


After the accident, teenagers were taken down to the hospital. The first victim was admitted to UAB Hospital for serious injury treatment. And the other one was admitted to DCH Hospital for minor injuries treatment. This is really heartbreaking news for every person. The people screamed after hearing about this accident. This news is trending on social platforms. The people commenting on this accident case. The people pray for teenagers.


According to the medical reports, The doctor does their best treatment but the teenager has no more. The incident that happened is extremely bad. The accident area was sealed. The police investing in this place. We wish their criminal were caught by police as soon as possible. This is very depressing news for their parents. they lost their teens in a car accident. They both are just in their teen. They both were very good students in their school. We were also shocked after hearing this news. Here we can share all the information with you about this accident. Follow for more information.


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