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Aldrin Paulo Pangan ‘Dunoo’ Dies At 27 Check Cause Of Death Wiki Biography Bio


It seems that the dreaded virus is still affecting the lives of people. The jeopardized virus was introduced with a threat back in 2019 in China and since it took zillions of lives and still continuing. There is no discrimination is being done by the virus as it is killing people of all categories, all mediums, and all standards. No one is spared from it, recently it caused another terrible news after the famous gamer Aldrin Paulo Pangan lost his life against COVID-19. The gamer was battling against the virus and passed away n 27th August 2021, Friday.


All of his family, friends, and beloved are in extreme grief losing Aldrin Paulo. It is being assumed that he was 40-45 years of age at the time of his demise. According to the latest reports, earlier this week the gamer shared the information of getting positive for the Covid-19 and was in the home isolation. With the passage of time, the condition of Dunoo got critical and he required clinical treatment promptly, but unfortunately, he didn’t get the treatment. He urgently needed ventilation, but as all the clinics were occupied he didn’t get to the ventilator facility and passed away due to shortness of breath.

All this was informed by TNC Predator was announced through the Social Media account. It also shows its grief and condolence for Dunno. It writes that they are informing this terrible news with a heavy heart about the demise of the gamer. Later, all of his fans across the world pay tribute and condolence to the pure soul. Twitter flooded with the condolence of his beloved and admirers. All of his fans and family are sinking in sorrow. The information of his family is being reviewed.

Besides, Dunno is also known as Aldrin Paulo Pagan and Kuya D. He achieved a lot in his life with his hard work and dedication. He is considered as one of the expert gamers globally. Alongside a gamer, he was a caster and powerhouse. He is also popular for the character of the game. He is the investor of the expression “Lakad Matatag, Normalin,” back in 2018. The expression got viral like a wildfire among the gamers and obtained immense popularity.

He then focused as a caster and showcase his talent, humour, and wise mindset, but today the extraordinary man is not with us. We hope the almighty provide strength for his family in such hardship of life. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.


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