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Allison Payne Cause Of Death? How Did She Died? Former WGN-TV Anchor Dies At 57


The nine-time Emmy Award winner and a popular anchorwoman Allison Payne has passed away. The news was reported on September 10, which broke all the people’s hearts who were close to her. WGN-TV has also been paying the legendary anchor a tribute and has been mourning her unfortunate demise as well. She was the longtime and former anchor on the said channel. Unexpectedly, Allison died at the mere age of 57. However, people are also wondering about the cause of the death of the woman who inspired a generation of Black women journalists. Here’s everything we know about it.

Allison Payne

As per the reports, Allison Payne died on September 1 in Detroit, her hometown. The television station confirmed the death news of the 57-years-old. When the reporter was 25, she got selected at WGN. It was that time in 1990 when Chicago became her home. Meteorologist Tom Skilling paid a video tribute to the deceased and addressed her a young, sharp, and vibrant.

Tom further said that looking upon her made a person realizes that she was the young journalist having the world before her. She was so incredible that it wasn’t hard to predict the success she is going to achieve in future. Allison was the face of WGN-TV and she reported everything from sports to politics. She wasn’t stuck to a just single thing and loved to cover stories from around the world. Besides, the reporter was also known for her kind and generous personality.

It is coming forward that Payne loved to purchase gifts for her colleagues and would routinely give them. Talking about the same, Allison’s longtime producer, Vicky Baftiri shared that she still has kept the gifts given by Payne safe that includes wallets, Tory Burch purses, and pieces of jewellery. Baftiri added that Allison arranged a makeup artist to beautify her on the baby shower and her wedding day while she even paid the artists and that Allison always wanted to show her gratitude so she routinely bought them gifts.

In 2011, Allison started having issues related to her health that led to WGN and Payne parting in their ways. As of now, the cause of the death of Allison Payne has not been revealed. Though she had revealed her suffering from depression and her alcohol dependency before leaving the news channel. She had also shared that she suffered a series of mini-strokes. It is no doubt that Allison was a beautiful woman inside out. We pay her homage.


  1. Ask if she got a vaccine. My guess is the Covid shot caused blood clots which caused her mini strokes which caused her depression that lead to alcoholism. The death jab…just say no.

  2. I agree with some aspects of your statement. The covid vaccine can cause blood clots which can lead me to a stroke and or heart attack. Among other things. Thanks for speaking the truth.

      • Lol! Lol! Yup the Vaccine and the con-spear-acy of the Guv-a -munt is trying to kill us hillbillies! The Co – vid 19 Vak seen cause a stroke 10 years in the PAST! You can’t make this stuff up! This is why basic science knowledge is so important! Morons!!

  3. She spoke about her strokes before she left WGN, which was in 2011. That was more than 10 years ago, so it’s impossible that her strokes were caused by COVID or the vaccine.

    • Eating those big pretty vegetables, meats and fruits with injected chemicals to preserve the food and keep its color and make it last longer can kill you. So speak on that also. The vaccine is not the only thing you put in your body and don’t know what it is…

      • Tell them Kesha. I’ve never seen this many ignorant people in my life time as I see now. As of 2016 they are coming out in tens of thousands everyday. WOW

    • The “Vaccines” cause strokes..especially in a person that already has circulatory problems.
      I know of 2 people that had strokes right after they got the jab…and 1 more that has a pulmonary embolism right after getting the jab.

  4. I see, so the vaccine can cause strokes in your past. Yeah, I had one yesterday and it was 2013!!

    MORE IMPORTANT GOD bless ALLISON and her family.
    And may she rest in peace. Take your B.S. elsewhere dopies.

  5. Wow all you “woke” people want to blame a vaccine for something she’s been dealing for over a decade. Wonder where you guys learned to read…? Speaking the “truth” since the cause of death hasn’t even been released. So what happens when they actual truth comes out? Is it then conspiracy?

  6. Allison was a great news reporter that I really missed her when she departed WGN. I wish she would have stayed but that is me being selfish as it appears she had problems. I seen her once down town and I was shocked to see she was so elegant and classy when she was within a crowd of kids. Hope she is at peace. Thanks Allison

  7. Rest in peace Allison Payne, My Sincerest condolences to the Payne family and friends and apologizes ‘God forgive those and their rude and insensitive immature comments for they know not what they are saying nor texting.

  8. I remember her fondly from watching her on WGN. I’m sad to hear of her passing. Forget bout the fools that wanna make every tragedy about their idiotic conspiracies. God bless Allison and her loved ones.


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