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American idol 19 Top 4 Finalist, Finale Date Episode 18: May 16, 2021 My Personal Idol/Artist Singles


One of the most amazing and famous television shows on ABC has turned hot with every episode and the show has completed more than 15 episodes and now looking further with more crispy performances that will make you feel over the moon. Northern Kentucky University freshman Alyssa Wray has been eliminated in the last episode though the judges praised him and his performance they described his performance with amazing and elegant kinds of words. In the latest episode, there will be some more amazing things to watch, and as we all know that today is a very special day so the day will be dedicated to all mothers.

american idol season 19 episode 18

In this show no doubt every contestant is having a different speciality and every single participant is trying to make the show tougher with all the latest performances. As the show is making people crazy with all the latest concepts and themes tonight you all will watch “Coldplay Songbook & Mother’s Day Dedication”. The episode is totally dedicated to all the mothers, and all the beautiful and mesmerizing voices will take you to another world of melody.

Tonight’s Mother’s day special episode on the set of American Idol will feature a total of 7 contestants that are in the top 7, and it is also expecting that the elimination will make the entire audience astonish at the time of ending the episode. If we talk about the voting polls so Caleb Kennedy got 21523, Casey Bishop got 21523, Chayce Beckham got 21523, Grace Kinstler got 21523, Hunter Metts got 21523, and Willie Spence got 21523 votes.

The show is turning tougher due to all the performances and if we talk about the stuff that made people and contestants crazy as well are when the round named The Showstopper round took place, Well, this was the first opportunity for all the participants to perform on the set and that too in front of all judges and after that, they will be divided in the top 24.

The thing we are talking about is Kennedy struggled due to the choice of his song because he planned to sing Travis’s “Help Me Hold On”. Kennedy stated that he got some strong feelings that the song he chose to sing is not going to hit them all who are sitting there to judge so he planned to change his song to perform and performed that very well. Stay tuned to get all the latest updates on the show.


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