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American R&B Singer Ari Lennox Arrested at Amsterdam Airport Check Reason Full Story


Hello all the people, as of now, one of the renowned celebrities Ari Lennox arrested at Amsterdam Schiphol airport on Monday. The American R&B singer has been alleged for creating nuisance at the airport and disturbing public order. The authority also said that she was drunk and creating a chaotic atmosphere at the airport. The entire incident took place at Amsterdam, Schipol airport on 29th November 2021, Monday. The news of her getting arrested by the Dutch military police. All of her fans are giving different reactions to this arrest. Get more information regarding the case below.

Ari Lennox

Well, according to the singer’s statement that said that she has got arrested in Amsterdam for responding to a woman racially discriminating against her, she shared this information through her Twitter account on Monday morning wherein she alleged the airport security of spreading hate against Black people. Dutch military has appointed for security at the airport who also arrested the celebrity for her offensive behaviour toward an airline official and also being drunk in public. According to the statement of a spokesman named Rober van Kapel, that informed “Our unit found a woman full of emotions, that wouldn’t calm down” due to which we took her in the custody spokesman added.

However, it is still uninformed how long Lennox will spend in custody, the case is being investigated by the police authority and examining all the possible threats made by Lennox at the airport. We don’t confirm so far whether the singer has been set free or is still in the custody. We are trying to collect information regarding this. Any of our readers have any kind of information about this we would like you if you update us.

If we talk more about American R&B singer Ari Lennox real name is Courtney Shanade Salter. She is quite popular for the 2019 single titled Shea Butter Baby. According to the reports, the song has been streamed more than 114 million times on the significant music app Spotify. She is 30 years of age as of now. Stay tuned for more information and all the latest worldwide updates.


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