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America’s Got Talent (AGT): Who is Ehrlich Ocampo? Circus Acrobat Impressed Judges Check Wiki Bio & Performance


There is no doubt that talent is just loaded on our earth and if we talk about the world’s no 1 entertainment reality show so no doubt that America’s Got Talent is one of the shows that bring talent and that too on an international level. Everyone knows very well that the show has completed its 15 seasons and currently airing its 16th one. From mimicry artists to dancers everyone is an entertainer and when their wings get the sky of the AGT’s platform so no doubt they direct heads to the sky of fame after being on the show.

Who is Ehrlich Ocampo

Nowadays the name which is trending and becoming hot potato is Ehrlich Ocampo and everyone is getting curious to know about him. So here we would like to tell you that he is one of the most talented participants that we have ever watched in the history of AGT who combines dance, music, and also magic in his performance. Ocampo has arrived on the show all the way from the Philippines to spread his magic on judges. You can watch his performance and we are damn sure that your heart will be occupied after watching him because even judges did not stop their self giving a standing ovation to him. The 34 years old man is spreading his magic through his magic performances where he performs along with a bit of music and dance. Mr. Ocampo has a very strong fan base in his hometown and also having more than 2.5k subscribers on his youtube channel.

The show is containing rather captivating performances this time for its viewers. Though people are coming across the world to show their talent Israel and South Korea are just some of the countries most talented people come from.

Talking about Ehrlich Ocampo so he is a circus performer or better say, is an acrobatics performer who has previously shown off his skills with Cirque du Soleil. The man has travelled across the Philippines to entertain people and now finally has arrived on the set of AGT. Let’s see how much love will he get from the audience and make his place in the top contestants. Till then stay tuned with us to catch all the entertainment news and stuff.


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