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Animal Abuse Case Full Details: Alligator Found In NYC Park Has Died


Today we are going to share the news which is getting viral and circulating all over the net which is the case of Animal Abuse. As we can see and hear day by day that case is increases of Animal abuse. Why people did not think about the animals and use them for their benefit and played with them until they get not bored? People get bored and do not take care of them anymore so they left them or throw out them which is cruelty. As you hear the news of Animal abuse which happened to an alligator by her owner. To know more about this case please scroll down the page and continue to read.

The alligator that was found in a freezing New york city Park in a freezing New York City Perk in February was dead. The alligator was found in Brooklyn prospect park lane on a morning when the temperature of that day was 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

Alligator Found In NYC Park Has Died


According to initials, The rangers said that the alligator who was found is 4 feet long and somebody abandoned her in the park. she was 5 or 6 years old and also she suffered from the illness because she digest the bathtub stopper in her stomach which created problems for her.

According to Zoo officials, rescuers of an alligator was rescued named Godzilla and her owner throw her into the freezing lake but she could not survive and dead. Her owner did not take her to any veteran for treatment of her which creates by a bathtub stopper that she digest in her stomach which led to her death. Even though she rescue by Bronx Zoo but she could not survive.

The NYC parks department give a warning in February also related to Animals and the potential danger to parkgoers this could have caused, releasing non-indigenous animals or unwanted pets can lead to the elimination of native species and unhealthy water quality. The Bronx Zoo officers said that Godzilla should never have been kept as a pet in someone‚Äôs home, and discourages others from doing so. Why people can’t let their animals and birds be free and live their own their life which they want? please let free them and don’t make pets and closed in the house for them that will be cage and it also is dangerous to keep it in house. Any information about her owner is not revealed yet.


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