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Anirudh Kills Chandrachud? Barrister Babu Today’s Episode 18th Sep 2021 Written Update (WU)


The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu is bringing extraordinary and high voltage drama where you will watch, that Chandrachud has done such exploits and tries to get escaped from Roy Chaudhary’s mansion. But spontaneously Anirudh reaches there and sees everything hence, he decides to grab him. But Chandrachud has a gun and he tries to shoot Anirudh by saying that if here never gives him a way so he will kill him for sure. But Anirudh is adamant about his words and says that no matter what happens but he will never let him go, and a verbal spat took place between the two.

Anirudh Kills Chandrachud barrister babu

Then Chandrachud shoots at Anirudh but he saves himself and an extempore bullet hits Chandrachud’s body, and he falls down in the river. But due to darkness, it is not clear yet who shoot him, Anirudh or by mistake, he shot himself. After a while, Police arrive at the crime spot and arrests him on his basis of doubt because no one is there besides him and all needles of doubt are pointing him as a defaulter. So they send him behind the bar and as soon as Roy Chaudhary’s come to know this they get shocked.

After a while, Trilochan says that they will have to hire a lawyer who can fight Anirudh’s case and prove him innocent, because as far as he has concerned Anirudh can not do such a crime to kill someone. Meanwhile, Bondita assures him that there was a misunderstanding because no matter what happens but Anirudh can not execute the crime. At the same time, Sampurna mentions that they do not need to find a lawyer because they have Bondita and she will fight Anirudh’s case. So now Bondota will fight Anirudh’s case to make him prove innocent, in short, many twists are ready to take place.

As the viewers have watched in the previous episode, that Chandrachud decided to ruin Bondita’s honor by hook or by crook so that, he can complete his revenge from Anirudh. Therefore he enters her room and hides unless Bondita sleeps, and as he got the chance he executes his exploits. But Anirudh got suspicious that something is fishy there and hence, he decides to check, and when he reaches there he sees Chandrachud and gets shocked because he has done whatever he wanted. So do not miss watching it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for more details connect with us.


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