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(ANNS) Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Written Episode 18th June 2021: Darsh Gets Jealous Of Ritesh


Star Plus Show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha has been entertaining the audience for a very long time now. An interesting storyline and the strings of twists and suspense keeps the plot captivating. Let’s find out what would happen in today’s written episode of the popular serial. It starts with Rajvi finding out about Vipul that he has not gone to Mumbai for a meeting but is staying in Goa only. Rajvi comes to know about Vipul lie after checking his credit card payment. She calls Vipul to cross-check right away. Vipul picks up the call and being unaware of his truth is revealed, he lies to Rajvi.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha serial

Vipul tells her that the meeting was good and that he is missing her in Mumbai. Rajvi couldn’t believe that Vipul has been betraying her and gets extremely angry. Meanwhile, Dr Ritesh comes and collides with Darsh. His bag falls on the ground and the stuff gets scattered. Darsh helps him collecting the stuff but gets shocked when he touches the stuff as instead of medical equipment there were Mangalsutra, Bangles and a Red Chunri. Shobhit also comes there and asks Ritesh why he seems in rush.

Ritesh tells them that he has something urgent to attend to. However, Shobhit and Darsh suspect him and decides to follow him. They reach a jungle where Ritesh steps out of his car. He disappears into the jungle. Darsh and Shobhit follow him and see that he has changed himself to a priest and is doing Pooja. Ritesh turns around and gets shocked to see both Darsh and Shobhit there. They ask what is he doing there. Ritesh tells them that he is here to marry a dog which shocks them. He clarifies that there is some error in his Kundali so he is doing this ritual.

After hearing this, Darsh bursts into laughter. He asks Ritesh how could he trust these kinds of things when he is a doctor himself. Later, Shobhit notices a band in Ritesh legs. He asks Ritesh about it. Ritesh tells him that it’s a friendship band and was given by Nandini twenty years ago. The statement makes Darsh a bit jealous of him. When the trio returns home, Ritesh asks Darsh and Shobhi not to tell the incident to anyone and especially to Nandini. Now, it will be interesting to see if Darsh mentioned his jealousy to Nandini. Get written episode of Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha here.



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