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Another very shocking news is coming out that a man caused the death of an 18-year-old woman. Even a 19-year-old social media influencer is seriously injured after he hit a cinema in southern California. A lot of news is coming out in which it has been said by the officials that there is no known motive for the violence or lethal activity and this incident is an Unprovoked attack and it seems that something similar is happening. But the incident has shaken everyone because in a very short time many incidents of death have come to the fore.

Anthony Barajas

As per the exclusive reports, Around 09:35 pm, the staff working in the theater got shocked when they found some youths who were affected by the deadly virus. Violent horror films were screened at Crossings Mall in the southeast of Los Angeles due to Corona. Which is a department for the protection of people from Corona, has been established Corporal Tobias Corobacalis informed Cubs Los Angeles, and on Wednesday morning when the press conference was held the Koroubacalis said they had all found their seats near or above them. For full details of the incident see the information given below.

When the staff reached inside the cinema hall, a call was made to 911 and it is being said that this was some unknown incident and not very specific information yet. Many cases have been registered against 20-year-old Joshf in the dock of suspicions, such as attempts to murder and robbery. According to the police, the connection caliber of the weapons used in the firing and a gun have been found from his house. According to the reports, the witnesses have given all the testimony to the police who are leading them towards the suspect and the investigators are sure, That he did all this work without anyone’s help.

When the film was going on in the theatre, no one heard the sound of gunshots at that time and an employee told that they check everyone’s bags, before entering the theatre. It is not yet clear who else was in the cinema with Victim, but it is being told that 6 tickets were bought. To help Goodrich’s family, a page has been created called Joe Fund which will help them with his funeral. A lot of discussions are coming out due to which the case is getting complicated but the investigation is going on against the culprit.


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