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Anupama 15th April 2023 Episode Written Update: Anupama Refuses To Support Samar and Dimple


Hello, readers here we are again to entertain you by giving the latest written update on today’s episode of your favorite show Anupama.latest written update of Anupama 15 April 2023. The episode starts with Dimple who says to Shah’s family that they all are pointing at her as if they are Unblemished. She says that in the beginning she also criticized herself for being rude but they can’t see that and point and criticize her relationship with Samar. Dimpy says that Anupama handed over the academy to her by herself, not under any force, and provokes them to say when their concern is gone when she leaves Kapadia’s house.

Anupama 15th April 2023 Episode Written Update

Dimpy says that she is only married to Samar and also Samar says the same thing to his family Leela says that she will be not taking any responsibility because she is tired now to take responsibility for taking up her children and then grandchildren. Leela asks to take the wedding responsibility of Samar and Dimpy to everyone. Everybody remains silent. Dimple taunts us that how can they take our wedding responsibilities when they can’t guarantee their own marriage. Leela says to Dimpy to talk not like that and recalling her that she lives in another house, not her own house. Leela says if she is done, can they continue what they were discussing? Samar says there is nothing to talk about here, he will marry Dimple at any cost. Leela says she will not let that happen.

Anupama 15th April 2023 Written Update

Dimple challenges her to dare try to stop them. Vanraj warns them to all stop turning his house into a wrestling ground. All ask Samar if he is concerned about Anupama or not. Vanraj said that in the beginning he was not against the wedding of Samar and Dimpy but now he will not take responsibility for the wedding to Leela. Dimpy praises Anuj in front of Vanraj that he will take responsibility for her and Samar’s wedding then Vanraj says to Dimpy why he will take responsibility for your even though he did not take responsibility for Adhik and Pakhi and kicked them out but Dimpy says that was all happened by Pakhis mistake.

Dimpy says she is not stupid like Pakhi. Vanraj walks away and leaves saying let’s see when Pakhi told him that she is sure that Anuj will take their wedding responsibilities. Leela calls Aanupama to show everyone that Anupama will also not take responsibility for their wedding. Everyone gets shocked and Pakhi throws water on Dimpy’s face when she said that why Anupama will take responsibility when she can’t handle her two marriages. Anupama denies going to Shah’s house. Kavya supports Anupama’s decision. Anupama silently watches Barkha at her house.


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