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Anupama 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Dimple Tries To Save Anu, Anuj


Here we are sharing a written update of the Anupama. This serial has been running well with great TRP on television and this is very popular among people. The episode starts with Nimrit. Nimrit tells Anuj and Anupama that his parents were against his marriage but his mom called him back. Anuj says well. Dimple states she gets happy and says at least one family is accepted. Anupama asks Dimple to always remember mom and dad always love them. Dimple says they were keen to meet Nimrit’s family but the bus tyre got pierced and they got stuck. Here we have more information about the episode and we will share it with you in this article.

Anupama 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update

Anupama 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Anupama asks Dimple don’t worry because they will drop them off safely. Anuj stops the car at the roadside restaurant. Then Dimple says to Nimrit that Anupama and Anuj are very cool. Anupama says to Anuj that Dimple and Nirmrit are also good. After that, they all share take at the restaurant. Jeep boys interfere. Anuj decides to teach a lesson to them but Anupama stops him. Dimple orders the food for herself. Anupama gives advice Dimple to order the limited food which she can finish.

Dimple realises her mistake. The boys click the photo of Dimple without her acknowledgement and Dimple misses her family. Anupama consoles Dimple and she also decides to call Anu and GK. Anupama notices boys. On the other hand, Anuj calls Anu. Anupama and Anuj talks with Anu. Samar asks Partiosh if it is happy news that Kinjal has advised him to work under her. Paritosh praises Kinjal. He says working under Kinjal will be his Pleasure. Samar cheers up Paritosh.  Paritosh adds Kinjal manage lots of. He feels proud Kinjal looks after the house and Pari. Scroll down the page for more information about the news.

Here, Pakhi orders food. Paritosh and Samar get irjed. Pakhi sees both and becomes angry. Samar says Anupama will be stressed learning Pakhi moved in their neighbour. They decide to hide from Anupama until she comes back from the trip. Boys disturb Anupama, Nimrit, Dimple and Anuj. Anuj asks Anupama to make a call to Hasmuk. Anupama says Hasmuk is unavailable. Anuj asks Anupama to call Samar. Samar and Paritosh decide to hide Pakhi’s truth from Anupama. The episode ends here so don’t forget to watch the full episode of the Anupama on star plus. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more updates.



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