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Anupama 23 April 2023 Written Update Of Star Plus Tv Serial


Today we are going to talk about the most popular show Anupamaa. This show is an Indian Hindi-language television drama and series that contains a large number of fans around the world. The fans of this show are so curious to know more about the upcoming episode of this show, so here we are going to share the written update of the 23rd April 2023 episode of this show. As per the promos, this show begins with the main character of this show Anupama who seems as teaching dance to her students on the song O Re Piya… song. During the dance, She remembers the dance with Anuj and helps her students to do the right dance steps.

Anu continues her dance with the students and Anuj watches her murmur my Anu but later she senses his presence and heard her name. She says loudly to Anuj which makes her students shocked and she runs out of the house. Bhavesh runs behind her and asks her what happened on this question she replies Anuj arrive here and says to her mom that he is here. She chanted that “He reached here to watch me”. Anuj cries hiding and Anupma says that she reaches the office to meet him there.

Anupama 23 April 2023 Written Update Of Star Plus Tv Serial

She gets ready and remembers her beautiful memories with Anuj and asks Kanta if am I looking good, Kanta nods yes. She says that she was thinking that Anuj arrives here for work but now she thinks that arrive there even for her. She knows that Anuj also misses her and that is the reason he came to see her before going to the office. She says first he won anger and now the love which Kanta replies may be. Anupama continuously showed her excitement. Anupama made a hope to meet Anuj and get out to reach the office.

Anupama Written Update 23 April 2023

On the way to the office, Anuj remembers her and thinks he should have met her alone because there will be people at the office, and makes hopes that she visits the office to meet him. Anupma is just behind his cab in an auto. Suddenly, due to traffic halts, both vehicles stopped and they both feel restless. Anupama shares a message with Nidhi that she is stuck in traffic and fears about Anuj will leave before reaching her arrival. Later, she notices the hand of Anuj and tries to reach him but the traffic way had cleared and she gets back her auto or says to the auto driver to drive fast.

Ankush checks the records anxiously to update Anuj on this Barkha says stop working as a slave on this he replies stop behaving as a boss. Adhik asks why she doesn’t want Anuj and Anupama to meet. Anuj enters in office and Ankush feels sad for him or hugs him emotionally. Bharkha thinks about why they didn’t go inside before arriving at Anupma and asks them to get into the cabin as there is a staff there. Anuj is waiting for Anupma and continuously watches the door. However, Anupma is inside the auto and on the way to meet Anuj with excitement. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to get more articles.


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