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Anupama 29 May 2023 Written Update: Today’s Episode


In the latest Episode of 29th May of Anupama, Anupama and Anuj walk alone, Anuj reaches his car and thinks about how unexpected Anupama’s appearance in his life as- they had held hands for 26 years, but he had never imagined marrying her. Anupama reflects on how she never thought she, as a grandmother, could find love again, but Anuj has become a part of her soul. Vanraj wanders through the corridor as Toshu asks him if he’s worried about Anupama leaving soon. Vanraj acknowledges that he wants her to be happy and regrets stopping her from visiting America, but he will ensure she reaches America this time.


Anupama 29 May 2023 Written Update

Maya worries about Anuj being with Anupama and rushes to the Shah residence. Barkha tries to stop him, but Maya does not listen to her and walks away. Barkha understands that it is difficult to control Maya. Meanwhile, Anuj stops his car in front of Anupama and insists on taking her home as it is late at night. At Shah’s house, Maya asks about Anuj, and Leela jokes that he is locked in her kitchen before scolding Maya. Losing her temper, Maya shouts at him and accuses Anuj and Anupama of being together despite his absence.

Anupama gives a speech about how Anuj waited 26 years to marry her and how they became soulmates and true friends. Anuj offers to drop her home as a friend. Maya creates a drama to insist on calling Anupama. Kinjal advises her to remain calm as Anupama is currently in Gurukul. Vanraj says he even called Gurukul and confirmed. Maaya continues to shout. Hasmukh asks her to calm down as Anuj has gone on some work and will return. Maaya warns him to stay away as he doesn’t know anything.

Kinjal warns her to behave with Hasmukh and go and search for Anuj somewhere. Maaya shouts that she is sure Anuj is with Anupama who wants to snatch Anuj from her. Vanraj calls enough, Anupama would never go behind a man like Anuj who runs away from his promises, she is going to America instead, so Maaya should get out of his house and search for Anuj somewhere else. Anuj convinces Anupama to get into his car and looks at her smilingly while driving. And the episode ends here. We have shared the complete information about Anupama Serial. So, stay tuned to Social Telecast and follow us for more updates.


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