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Anupama 3rd April 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj’s Unjustified Request


Hello to all audience here we again to give you a written update about the latest episode of the famous serial Anupama. we are going to tell you what will happen in today’s episode of Anupama. The Anupama serial starts with Anupama who gets uneasy when Kanta who is Anupama’s mother does not pick up the phone and asks Bhavesh to try calling her from his phone. Bhavesh says that she is getting worried unnecessarily. She said to Bhavesh that how she cannot be worried because her mother went to Anuj’s place. Anuj is already upset within himself and my mother will make this situation slump.

Anupama 3rd April 2023 Written Episode Update

The scene comes on Anujs and Kanta’s conversation and Kanta asked Anuj if he’s 26 years old love for Anupama vanished so easily. Anuj declared and said to Kanmt his love for Anupama never vanished he still loves Anupama abundantly. Maya suddenly gets surprised. Anuj tells Kanta that he loves Anupama immensely and he did not want to leave her he is burning from the inside and roaming everywhere. Then Kanta asked him why he come here. Anuj said to Kanta that he also loves equally to Little Annu and can’t live without her. Then Kanta asks Anuj if he lives without Anupama, he could have brought Anupama but what has he done he left her alone and come here.

Anupama 3rd April 2023 Written Updates

Then Kanta asked him what Anupama’s fault was, and what was the mistake she did. Then Anuj said that Anupama never do mistakes and I am punishing myself. Then he said to Kanta that he broke down seeing that his daughter was taken away and Anupama did not act anything not trying to stop her at all, and Anupama’s mistake was that she didn’t pay attention to his daughter due to her issue.

Then Kanta gives advice to him that he can fix everything now before it’s too late, Then Anuj said I do not know what he should tell Anupama if he returns. Then he asked Knata to tell Anupama not to keep fake hopes for his return as he lives now with only little Anupama. The scene comes on the Anupama praying to god that her mother brings back Anuj. Then Bhavesh cries seeing the condition of Anupama. Then the scene comes on Anuj who cries in the Bathroom. The scene shifted to Maya who feels happy thinking that she was getting worried unnecessarily. Anuj never return to Anupama. In the Last scene of this episode, we get to see that Anupama, Anuj, and little Annu miss each other. for more updates please stay tuned to this website.


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