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Anupama 9th May 2023 Written Update: Today’s Episode


Hello, the audience here we come to entertain you by giving the latest written update of your all favorite show and today we will talk about today’s episode of Anupama 9 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Samar shouts about how dare Anuj is to betray Anupama. Kavya says maybe Anuj has a reason and misunderstanding when Samar accused Anuj of betraying again Anupama and says he told us clearly if he want to live with Maya, not with Anupama.

Anupama written updates

Vanraj says that Anuj taking revenge on Anupama. Kavya interrupts and says to Vanraj that hurting people is Vanraj’s nature and not Anuj’s. Barkha shouts that Anuj is not a kid when Ankush says that he will go to Anuj and talk with him maybe someone brainwashed him.

Anupama 9th May 2023 Written Update

Anupam walks into her room and removes her all makeup. Kanta hugs Anupama and says that she is worried and unsure about Anujs Promise from the start even when Anupama confirmed that he is returning. Anupama says to Kanta that she is surprised that she does not get a heart attack when Kanta asks Anupama if she is fine or not. Anupama takes a decision that she will never talk about Anuj and not wait for him now she will live for herself as the main lead of the story.

Anupama written update

At Shah’s house, Kavya and Vanraj get into an argument when Vanraj stops Kavya when she says that there must be a reason and continue to talk about his point. Kavya says you never will understand anyone’s situation if they are Anuppama, Anuj, or his wife Kavya.

Kavya says she left all things her career, house, and her ex-husband and Vanraj nor even bothered about her at all. Vanraj says what do you want I did not stop you from working. Kavya says he always wants to overpower his wife. Their argument gets worse and they criticize each other Vanraj criticizes Kavya for talking with Anirudh and Kavya tells about him and Leela dreaming to bring Anupama into the home and remind him he is just a father now of three children not the husband of Anupama. Ankush says they can’t stay with them because Vanraj and Toshu are so toxic. Pakhi also says wherever her husband Adhik lives she will stay there with him.

Anupama lying on the bed and crying. She recalls all her moments with Anuj and also remembers her young childhood which she spent with her father and says there are always good memories, not bitter memories when Bhairavi wipes her tears and asks if she cant sleep. On the next day, all the family members at Shah’s house get Shocked when Kavya says she decided to leave the house when Kinjal asks Kava if she is going anywhere. Anupama says her students gave her an advertisement for an international cultural group visiting Ahmedabad when Knata notices Anupama is searching for something.


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