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Anupama Episode 14th April 2023 Written Update: Barkha Instigates Dimple Against Shah Family


Hello, we are here again to give you the latest written updates on Today’s episode of Anupama.14th April 2023. what will happen in today’s episode? let’s get started. Today’s episode starts with the scene With Little Annu who returns back from her picnic and direct go to Anuj and says she missed him a lot. Anuj lift her happily. Maya feels happy after seeing them all together. Anuj asked little Annu about her picnic and the places where she visited. Little Anu said to Anuj whether she order everything bought by Anuj or not then she checked all things and ask Anuj where Anupama’s and Anuj lie to Little Annu that he already sent Anupama saree by Dheeraj. Little Annu says I will call Anupama later now I am going. Maya says to Anuj that we have to pamper her more as parents so she can’t recall Anupama. Anuj leaves after nodding his head in answer yes. Maya thinks that Bharkha will manage the situation.

Anupama 14th April 2023 Written Update

The scene comes in shahs house where all the family members talk about the simpy’s act and taunt her. They also criticize the Samar who remain silent when Aanupama handed her academy to Dimpy. Paakhi and Samar are fighting through passing comments on each other. Samar says Pakhi’s mind is filled with dirt so she speaks only dirty things and Pakhi says his girlfriend is dirt. Samar warns her to control her language. Vanraj hears all their conversations of theirs. When Samar tries rescue to Dimpy Leela passes the comment to Samar that love is blind heard but she did not know that love is dumb and foolish also. Vanraj feels very bad for Anupama.

Anupama Episode 14th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama thanks happily Kanta and Bhavesh for making beautiful rangoli. She says that every person has hidden talent and they have to wake up to that. She did not know that her hidden talent become her Career. Anupama is a person who falls down when he or stumbles, but sometimes, he/she even moves 2 steps forward. Pakhi continues fighting with Samar and Samar says if Dimpy is his girlfriend that doesn’t mean she is right. Toshu says the truth is bitter when Pakhi confronts Samar that he always supported Anupama but when she needs his love he did not do anything and remains silent.

Pakhi prayed for Anupama to give a mummy like Anupam to everyone, but not a life like Anupama’s who got a betrayed husband and children. Everyone criticized Samar for being a proud son before and when she needs he didn’t support her.   Dimpy tells Bharka what happens in the academy when she sees Dimpy Crying. Anupama distributes her dance academy poster. Anupama continues to promote her dance academy.


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