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Anupama Full Today’s 5th April 2023 Written Update, Kanta Convinces Anupama to Live


Hello, audience and viewers here we are again to give you a written update about the latest episode of the famous serial which is airing on star plus. we are talking about the serial Anupama and today we will tell you what will happen in today’s latest episode 5th of April. Today’s episode starts with Anupama and Kanta. Anupama said to her mother she is broken now. She says that my strength was not broken before when my first home was broken but she has hopes for her. but now I can’t say anything my hopes, strength, and hope all is broken now I am tired and have no reason to live. She says Hasmuk considers her hands as Anupurna but she failed to save her relationships. Anupama says that Anuj came into her life as happy as Lord  Krishna sent him for her but she also failed to keep her happy and failed to keep her safe them. She breaks down.

Anupama Full Today's 5th April 2023 Written Update

She will say to Kanta that she can’t live without Anuj and does not want to live without him. Anupama said she is tired now. Then the scene shifted to Anuj’s place and Dheeraj enter the scene he hugs him. Dheeraj gave advice him to returning back to Anupama and says that I will not talk about what happened and what you have done. he says to him that by living separately no one will get anything. Then Anuj said to Dheeraj he will not live there if he has any problem with him. Dheeraj said I will not leave you but I can give you time to think alone and said switched on his mobile to contact you. then Anuj sees his family picture with Anupama and gets upset. On the other side, Bhavesh asks Kanta where she takes out the Anupama when she drags down the Anupama.

Anupama 5th April 2023 Written Update

The scene shifted to the Pakhi banging the utensils. Kinjal asks Pakhi what happened. Pakhi replied that Vanraj worries about Aanupama being off-putting. She says that Maya, Barkha, and Vanraj don’t want to see Anuj as they live for their own benefit. Paritosh enter the conversation between them and said that why they have a problem if Vanraj want to help Anupama. Pakhi says that if anyone wants to go see Anupama they can but she is not.

The scene shifted to Kanta who drags her daughter to the hospital to couraging her to live and scold her for giving up her life just because Anuj left. Kanta and Bhavesh push her to live for herself. Anupama decides to live for herself and Vanraj thinks everything will be alright as his heart says but he is shocked when he receives a call from someone. In the last scene of today, episode Anupama decides to live for herself Kanta, and Bhavesh prays to god that she is not giving up on her life.


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