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Anupama Latest Episode Written Update 4 June 2023


The latest Written Update on today’s episode of Anupama on 4 June 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Anupama and Vanraj talking to each other about Kavya and Anupama says that it’s her right to share pregnancy news with Shahs when Vanraj shows gratitude toward Anupama for not saying anything about Kavya’s pregnancy news to Shahs.

Vanraj clarifies and says he is happy that today is a good day but also a little bit nervous that what his children think including Samar’s wedding Anupama convinces him to that Kavya should be part of this journey then Vanraj agrees.

Anupama recalls her entry with Anuj in the Kapadia house and on the other sideĀ  Anuj also waits for Samar Baraat to see Anupama. Maya says all arrangements are done but hopes there will be no problem with these arrangements and Anuj says there should not be any problem and thinks about Anupama.

Dimpy gets excited for her Baarat when she hears that Shaha coming to dance on the other side Maya gets jealous when she sees that Anuj’s focus only is on Anupama. Anupama says today Samar also has to dance with his family in his marriage and then Samar asks why he will dance alone and asks Anupama to call out his partner as his bride Dimpy then Anuj calls out Dimpy.

Leela smirks and taunts Dimpy that she has no shame, Dimpy is a bride how can she dance among people? But Anupama asks to Leela not ruin the mood by saying that and convinces Leela if Samar enjoys then why does Dimpy can’t enjoy it?

Leela gets convinced but not by heart and keeps making faces when Dimpy comes and Dolly asks why she making faces then Leela says Dimpy has no shame. Leela asks Barkha to do rituals but she says that Maya will do them because she does not know about these rituals.

Leela and Maya do a ritual by pulling and stopping the nose of the groom then little Anu asks the meaning of the ritual of pulling the nose of the groom. Kanta tells the meaning of the ritual to little Anu meanwhile Anuj searching for Anupama.

Anupama stands back and recalls her past with Anuj and therefore she is hesitant to go inside. Anuj asks to come inside after but Anupama tells she does not know what is the reason but she is unable to come and can’t do that. Follow us for more updates and stay tuned to Social Telecast.


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