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Anupama Latest Written Update DIMPLE GETS A REALITY CHECK


The latest written update on today’s episode of Anupama 25 August 2023. The episode starts with the scene where Anupama and all the get worried for Pakhi and Leela prays everything will be alright. Kinjal says Rakshabhandhan is near so they will call Pakhi here and make stay her for a few days and try to make her happy Paistosh supports Kinjal’s ideas Meanwhile Dimpy passes from there and Shah’s house has electricity and she is not by her side She asks about it to Shahs and then Anupama says maybe she did not paid electricity bill.


Anupama says they have two meters but Dimpy misbehaves and rudely talks with Shahs and then Anupama stops her and scolds her for not misbehaving with elders and then asks to pay the bill herself and then Dimpy tells Samar is not here so she will pay we will give you after that and then Dimpy asks this is my Sasural and then Anupama taunt her and remind who wants separation and we did so you have to do all things herself and you will not get any help from Shahs.


Pakhi decorates the cake and Robin comes to drink water and then Pakhi asks about his first day of college but he does not give an answer clearly Then she asks Robin if he likes cakes and then Robin asks her if she made this cake for Adhik and says yes then Robin says why you doing all this and tolerate Adhik abuse and then she tells about her past that they did love marriage in the past with went against their family and hurt her and she still did same now she does not want to hurt anymore and then Robin asks Pakhi to test the love of Adhik if he passes then all be everything if he lost then she has to raise voice for herself.

Anupama comes there and is happy to see Pakhi and Robin. Dimpy asks Samara to on Ac otherwise bill will be increased and then Samara asks if she knew that this would happen so she never talked about the separation and now she has realized it but she can’t do anything.

Pakhi sees Adhik’s shirt and Anupama comes there and then they share a talk. Samar and Dimpy talk and get into an argument then she gets angry and says Samar is talking like that Shahs and then she decides to show Shaha that they are happy after separation.


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