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Anupama Written Update 17 May 2023: Today’s Episode


Hello every one, here we are again to give you the latest written update on today’s episode of Anupama. The latest written update of Anupama is on 17 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Anupama says to Bhairavi that she got late while changing and Bhairavi tells Malti that will be given punishment to them. Anupama thinks that all day she tried to ignore Anuj and now she has to face Anuj. Leela welcome Dolly and Meenu and also waited for Anupama.

Anupama written updates

Anupama 17 May 2023 Today’s Episode

Vanrak tells Samar not to work because he is the groom but Hasmukh says that in Indian marriage groom has to work too. All Shahs get shocked to see Kavya comes there and Leela says to her that she thought Kavya never comes then Kavya tells them she promises Samar to attend his marriage that’s why she came.

Anupama's written update episode

Anupama gets anxious thinking about Anuj and how she faces Anuj. Kavya talk to Vanraj and asks about his health then Vanraj told him about his heart attack. Kavya tells him that even now Leela thinks that he suffered from a heart attack because of her and Vanraj denies it and said that is not her fault and does not cause any because of her. Vanraj praises Kavya that she is glowing after separating him.

Vanraj talks that he is seeing her in ads but Kavya ignores it and worries for Anupama that how she will deal with Anuj. Anuj and Anupama get stunned when Anuj help her to wear a sandal. Vanraj wished to break the moment between Anuj and Anupama then Anu called Anuj. Anupama tells little Annu that she misses her a lot but gets shocked shortly after seeing Maya and Anu also does not give a good response to her.

Anuj and Vanraj ask each other about their health and both say they are fine but Anuj says don’t worry about me and Vanraj replies he is worried about someone else. At the end of the episode, Shahs and Kapadia’s family members get shocked after seeing Anuj, Maya, and little Anu together. follow us for more updates and the latest news and stay tuned to Social telecast.


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