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Anupama Written Update 18 May 2023: Today’s Episode


Today’s latest written update on the Anupama serial which is a trending show and telecast on StarPlus.The latest written update is today’s episode of Anupama 18 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Anupama sees every family member is silent and asks why they are all silent in the celebration house. If we do not celebrate their wedding then they will get upset. Leela asks Anuj what relationship he has with Maya and if they get married to each other or not but Hasmukh interferes with Leela and asks her to stop and tells her to concentrate on Samar and Dimpy’s veneration but Leela says Anuj and Maya are from Dimpy sides so they should know about their relation but Hasmukh stops her and tell to shut up her mouth.

Anupama written updates

Anupama Written Update 18 May 2023

Leela asks Samar and Dimpy to sit for their veneration and orders Anupama to bring out the sweets from the temple then Anupama sits behind Anuj and Maya who are sitting together. Every family member of the Shahs get worried for Anupama and discuss opinion with each other in the middle Barkha message Maaya and asks her how is she and about her health then Maaya replies she is alright and everything is fine.

Anupama written update

Samar and Dimpy talk to each other about the all members who sit in an angry position. Pandit Ji asks to Anupma bring the flowers she sits stunned then Pandit Ji asks again to Anupama. Everyone gets shocked and stunned when Anuj supports Anupma while she is unbalanced to stand up, to see this closeness between Anuj and Anupama Maya pretends to be sick and says to Anuj that she gets uneasy. Anuj runs toward Maaya and consoles her.

Anupama thinks not cry to see Maaya, Anu, and Anuj together. Then Kavya comes to Anupama and asks her if she is fine but Anupama hugs Kavya and cries then tells her she is crazy even though she knows that you are not fine she asks Anupama. Anupama asks Kavya for the same is she is fine or not and also praises her for her modeling career.

The situation is messed up in Shah’s house where Pakhi cried and blaming to Dimpy for inviting Anuj and Maya and Dimpy defends herself this talk becomes an argument. On the other hand, Vanraj asks Anuj to do not to drama and Anuj replies that it is not his habit. Anuj and Vanraj also argue.Pandit ji asks Samar’s parents to sit for veneration and Leela asks for Vanraj and Anupam to sit together but Vanraj says Anupama will decide if she wants to sit with him for veneration or not.


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