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Anupama Written Update 19 April 2023: Pakhi Outwits Barkha


Today we are going to talk about the latest episode of Anupama. The latest written update on today’s episode of Anupama is on 19th April 2023. The episodes started with the scene where Anupama teaches dance to her student. After that, a girl was standing on the road copying her dance. She follows the dance moves. Anupama saw her girl and said you do very well. Anupama says to the girl that she wants to learn to dance. Father is also there, he was selling vegetables. The girl looked at her father and run towards him. Anupama hears all the conversation between them.

The scene plays when Anupama said to the vegetable vendor that she will take all the responsibility for her girl. Anu said that she will also dance. After that, Anupama reach Kapadia House. In the house, she will see that there is Ankush and others were going to discuss their business.

Barkha said she will handle a meeting. So, she wants their breakfast on the table. After hearing this, the Gujarati family is angry with Barkha. The breakfast was very oiling so Barkha shouted at the servant and said who make this oily breakfast. After that, the servant signs to Pakhi.

Anupama Episode Written Update

Anupama Written Update 19 April 2023

Then in Anupamaa serial, the scene shifts to Anupama, Where she gives a hug to Kanta, and Anupama also said that the beginning of the new day is well. After watching this, Bhavesh said that they are very talkative. Anupama asked Bhavesh what he makes today. Anupama said this dish is favoriute of Anuj. The scenes play, where Anupama severs lemon juice from Leela. When Kanta sees Leela they both are starting an argument. Anupama started her dance class.

Leela gives shagun to Anupama. Leela went to her home. Pakhi is trying to make a safe place for Anuj and Anupama. After that, all the family takes breakfast together.

The scenes play when Anupama said that everything looks like yesterday when Vanraj betrayed her and Leela taunted Anupama. After hearing this, Leela said that Anupama forget about the past. Anumapa asks what a beautiful relationship is, she also said Vanraj and her relationship are no anymore.

The relationship between together is ended 2 years ago. After that, little Anu asks Anuj when he will come back. Anuj asks little Anu if she was not like to live with her father. Little Anu replies to Anuj that she will be praying that Anuj and Anupama look good together. Anuj thinks if he should return to Ahmedabad. Here we can share all the information. Follow for Anupama episode written updates.


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