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Anupama Written Update 25 April 2023


Hello, readers and viewers here we are again to occupy you by giving the latest written updates of all your favorite shows,s and today we come to entertain you by giving the latest written update on today’s episode of Anupama 25 April 2023. Today’s episode starts with the scene when  Ankush says to Anuj to get up and wake up Anuj says that he is not aware that they had to face that kind of situation. Ankush says to Anuj that you have to go to Aanupama and take a step to meet Anupama so please get up and come to his sense. Ankush says to Anuj that you have to face Anupama.Anuj hugs Ankush.

Then the scene comes on Anupama who is in the office and Barkha come says to her that she is late. Anupama says to Barkha that she is not late and Anuj went back only 5 minutes before and says to Barkha that even though they could not come together but the road which they took was the same.

Anupama's written update of 25 April 2023

Barkha gets shocked. Then Barkha says whatever just sign the papers and she gives a file to Anupama. Barkha says to Anupama to sign the papers but Anupama is trying to see Anuj Barkha get angry to see Anupama like that and says to Anupama that this is not her dance academy and home. They are getting late for another meeting which is more important.

Anupama Written Update: Next Scene

Barkha says that they are busy taking care of Kapadias Empire not her dance school. Anupama replies to her that she forgot her place. Barkha is not the boss and she should not forget this when the owner is not present. Barkha says to Anupama that she is insulting her but Anupama replies that Barkha starts this she is just giving the answers to her. Barkha and Adhik get worried when Anupama starts reading the paper which she has to sign it.

The scene shifts to Kinjal and Pakhi who are praying for Anuapama and Anuj to get back together. In the middle of Their, Prayer Toshu walks in and says that Anupama and Anuj should not meet. Toshu says that Anupama should not forgive Anuj. Toshu says that if Anuj does not realize his mistake and Toshu also pleads for forgiveness from Kinjal in the past but she did not. Kinjal says that he cheated on her and that Anuj did not cheat the Anupama. There is a difference between cheating and separation.

Anupama waits for Anuj and thinks I know you are here my heart knows that. On the other hand, Ankush is trying to convince others to take a step forward to meet Anupam Anuj says that he can’t and he felt guilty about that. Anuj says how he can face her and what to tell her. Then Ankush tells to come into the office to Anupama and both get shocked when they see Anuj was not in the office. He went back as he thought that he was the reason for the breakup so he never go in front of Anupama. Anupama thinks that Anuj will return back when his guilt will be over.


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