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Anupama Written Update 30th May 2023


Hello, entertainment lovers here we are again to share with you the latest written update on today’s episode of ANUPAMA 30 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Vanraj and Maya got into an argument where Vanraj says that he will be tolerating Anuj because of Samar’s wedding otherwise he will not let Anuj footstep into his house. Maya asks if this is the thing then why all try to reunite Anuj and Anupama? Vanraj tells Maya that he does not like and did badmouthing to Anuj. Maya gets furious and angry and tells Vanraj she will not tolerate and cant endure badmouthing against Anuj. All members get shocked when they heard Maya and Vanraj’s argument and Vanraj tells he also can’t hear anything against Anupama.

Anupama written update

Anupama Written Update 30th May 2023

The scene shifts to Anuj and Anupama and both recalled their past moments with each other. Anuj want to spend more time with Anupama so he decided to get Ice cream for her and bought one ice cream for Anupama. Then Anupama sees her ice cream melting so she ate fast her ice cream Then Anuj offers his handkerchief when he sees ice cream spread on her lips saying that in between them have a line now. Anuj decides to buy another ice cream for Anupama when her ice creams fall down but Anupama stops her.

Anupama gives thanks to Anuj for coming into her life and giving those beautiful moments and recalls her and Anuj’s wedding moments then she also says she was happy with him but someone could not tolerate their happiness and put the eyes of the evil on them. She was happy with him but soon they have to separate and she also asks God why he sent Anuj into her life if they wants to be apart.

Anuj and Anupama confess to each other that they could not be able to live without each other and Anuj apologizes to her for leaving then Anupama says don’t feel guilty he was helpless. Both get teary and tell each other they will never stop loving each other even if they are separated and now. Anupama and Anuj assure each other not stop loving each other and Anuj asks Anupama to remember by seeing the moon when she will in the USA. Please kindly shares your thoughts and views in the comment box. The Follow us for more updates and stay tuned to the Social Telecast.


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