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Anupamaa 25th January 2022 Episode Written Update: Kavya Argues With Vanraj


The latest episode of Anupamaa starts with Nandini asking Samar to stop Vanraj from shouting at Kavya as she does not want that to happen. Samar accuses Kavya of starting the argument. Nandini says that her Masi is right and that he should make sure Vanraj does not take things on a different level. Here, Kavya tells Vanraj that she will keep cutting his kite’s thread and will not let him live in peace as he has done the same with her. Vanraj gets angry and hits the table where kites were placed. He walks away in anger.

Anupamaa 25-1-2022

Anupama thinks that both Kavya and Vanraj are adamant to spoil each other’s lives. After seeing Vanraj leaving, Kavya shouts at him and asks him to stop as she needs to vent out her anger on him. However, he does not stop. Kavya wishes everyone a happy Makar Sankranti sarcastically and leaves as well. Bapuji feels bad and apologizes to GK for inviting him as the pair has ruined everyone’s mood. GK asks him not to worry and says that he is also a part of the family.

Anupamaa 25th Jan 2022

Baa apologizes to Anupama as well and says that she should not involve her in their family fights. Anuj gets worried about the family and asks everyone to enjoy it as it was just a fight. Anu also calms Baa and Bapuji and asks Samar to take them home. Here, Kavya comes back home and gets frustrated thinking no one seemed to be bothered by her anger as they continued their celebration. She thinks that the family will worry about Anu even she breaks her nail but would not give any thought to her even she meets with an accident and feels bad.

On another side, Samar tries to make Nandini understand that Kavya is not right and just creating a mess. Here, Anu gets upset thinking her children could not celebrate the festival. Anuj notices her and gives her a kite where a family sketch was printed. He asks her to fly this kite with hope and love. Anu goes ahead to draw a sketch of Anuj, GK, and Malvika and says that they are her family too and that she will fly this kite up above the sky and will make sure that it does not get cut. Anuj smiles. Later, he suggests Anu let Vanraj and Kavya sort their issues and not interfere.


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