Home Entertainment Anupamaa Full Written Update Of 23rd July 2021: Rakhi Humiliates Shah Family

Anupamaa Full Written Update Of 23rd July 2021: Rakhi Humiliates Shah Family


The episode starts and Samar brings Pakhi to Anupama and asks her to apologise to Anupama as just because of you, the problem started between her and Vanraj. But she denies to apologise and throws tantrums. Just then Samar leaves her and she falls. Toshu enters and seeing Pakhi weeping and he lashes out at Samar. Samar tells him at least listens to what happens here. But just like Vanraj, Toshu also supports Pakhi. Samar taunts that he is also following the footprints of Mr Shah decides things without getting the complete things. Toshu says everyone is becoming overdramatic in this house.

Anupamaa Full Written Update Of 23rd July 2021: Rakhi Humiliates Shah Family

Toshu and Samar start arguing when Baa comes to Anupama and consoles her. Anupama understands Baa’s words. The next morning, Anupama enters the kitchen and finds that Kavya is already there. Kavya tells Anupama that she has already done with the breakfast. Just then Pakhi enters there and Kavya gives her breakfast and tiffin of her choice. She gets happy, but Anupama says excessive chocolate is not good for her health and asks to consume carrom seeds with warm water.

In between Kavya says in such an age kids can eat anything they want. Pakhi also supports Kavya and asks don’t show her anger to Kavya. Anupama gets disappointed hearing Pakhi’s harsh words. Anupama goes to the cafe where Vanraj is swamped with the customers. Anupama goes to him and asks him to have some words with Pakhi as she understands him much better. Vanraj tells that he will sort out things here.

Meantime, Samar enters the cafe along with the pamphlets, Mamaji checks it and says it is printed in reverse. Vanraj explains to him that it is considered as a strategy to fetch more customers. Just the Baa comes with another pamphlet of another restaurant opened next to Vanraj’s cafe. Baa informs that providing an extra discount to the customers and interior is far better than ours. Anupama again suggests another idea to Vanraj for promoting the cafe.

Vanraj along with Anupama and Samar starts distributing pamphlets to random people. Toshu there brings Rakhi and some of her friends to analyse the locality for their new coaching classes. Rakhi and Toshu get angry seeing Vanraj and Anupama distributing pamphlets. Later the family return home when they find Rakhi in the house. Vanraj and Rakhi get into an ugly and heated verbal spat. The episode ends with their argument, never miss any Anupama written update, stay connected with Social Telecast.


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