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Anupamaa Latest Episode Update 7th November 2020: BapuJi Got Heart-Attack


In the latest episode of Anupamaa, we’ll watch that Anupama got emotional and says to Samar that she is losing her faith in herself, but whenever she sees Samar has blind faith and confidence in her he boosted up with confidence. She says that she will surely demonstrate once again in front of students. Vanraj there rushes to the office and Kavya informs him that the meeting is over, she further says that he is late and didn’t pick up her call either. Vanraj disappointingly says that he worked hard on his presentation and it got wasted. Kavya tells him to relax and says that they both worked hard for the presentation.anupama latest hd images upcoming episode

But Vanraj says he solely work on his presentation and it only belongs to him. Kavya replies that he is a typical MCP and adhering to the typical male ego. She says that it is the same reason that he can’t satisfy Anupama, no she is exhausted and can’t tolerate him anymore. But as typical Vanraj he again put the entire blame on Anupama’s head.

Nandini there appreciating Samar for his efforts for Anupama. She says that all because of him Anupama is again prepared for online classes. he says that Vanraj is the only obstacle in her way. If She wants to achieve success in her life she hasta cross it. Nandini again appreciates his maturity and he is handling the situation very well. Samar and Nandini are talking at the cycle repairing shop as Nandini’s cycle is getting repair by the mechanic. As things get done Nandini gives money to the mechanic and he says that it seems that sister is in love with him.

Vanraj there returns home and burns into flames after seeing Anupama dancing. Anupama comes to him and says if he got surprised. She taunts him that Ghungroo isn’t like her trusts that will break continuously. Meanwhile, Baa calls Anupama to serve dinner soon. Anupama is thinking that how should she inform about Vanraj’s affair to Bapuji. Bapuji got a heart attack. Anupama rushes to him and asks Sweety for help. All trying to call Vanraj but he is again getting busy with Kavya. It is a hopeless situation for the complete family.

Besides, Anupama is the second-highest TRP show among all the Television shows. Catch all the latest episodes of the show on Star Plus from Monday to Saturday at 10 PM. You can also enjoy all the episodes on Disney+Hotstar. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest Anupama written episode updates.


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