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Anupamaa Written Episode 22.9.2020 Latest Updates & News Spoiler Alert


In the latest episode of Anupamaa Hindi serial, Anirudh went outside from the house but he indicates Vanraj that his sight is always on him. Despite all these things! Vanraj receives so many jokes from Anirudh via a message. Between all these things, Anupama informed her husband that every person in the house is so happy. She also told him that all this happened after a long time. Anupamaa also tells Vanraj that Jayesh & Leela are preparing for a dance performance with their children. And finally, Anupama informs Vanraj that Dolly asks her to dance with you in the function as we did on Janmashtami.

In the next scene, Anirudh said angrily that how can Vanraj live a happy life after ruining his life. He also said that he would not let him live happily, and send another joke to Vanraj. Anupama hugs Vanraj from behind and says that you are the only reason for all this happiness. I would never have been so happy if you had not been there. Vanraj gets angry and turns Anupama away from her. After moving her away, he told Anupama that h does not like the smell of spices that come from here all the time.

Anupamaa Written Episode

Vanraj scolds his wife and says when you will grow up. You still behave like a small child. He further asks her to clean her hand neatly, and he goes outside the room. She breaks into pieces after hearing Vanraj, she also smells her hands and says his husband is right, smell is coming from her hand. Leela asks Vanraj that Anupama is there or not but Vanraj does not give any reply to Leela and leaves. Anupamaa thinks again about Vanraj’s words and she rubbed her face & hands with soap neatly.

Don’t know how but just looking at Anupama, Sanjay comes to know that she is feeling unhappy. Then he says Vanraj that he has told him before that he will not bring Kavya in his house. In the end, Sanjay speaks to Vanraj that you will not be able to handle things before they go bad. So, handle them as soon as possible. And he also informs Vanraj that he can’t see her sad.

After hearing from Sanjay, Vanraj apologizes to him for misbehaving with Anupamaa. Vanraj thinks now its time to win Anupama’s trust before Sanjay does anything wrong in front of everyone.

Vanraj hugs Anupama from behind and told her that what he spoke was a lie, he said so because he was irritated at that time. Kavya enters the same room in which Vanraj was hugging Anupamaa. Kavya said that it was Vanraj’s mistake, he should lock the door first. Kamini also reaches the same and takes grace from Leela. Further, she told Leela that she misses her very much, and then she begins artificial cries. Anupamaa Star Plus serial ends! Stay tuned with us for the latest updates.


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