Home Entertainment Anupamaa Written Episode Update 20th July 2021: Anupama Helps Vanraj

Anupamaa Written Episode Update 20th July 2021: Anupama Helps Vanraj


Anupama’s latest episode begins with Anupama and Vanraj waiting eagerly for the dance academy for the finances and admissions. Just then a man comes there for her daughter’s admission. Vanraj gets happy for Anupama. Later many people come there to enrol their children in Anupama’s dance academy. Anupama requests all the parents to sit for a while in the cafe and complete your formalities, but all the guest refuses to sit in the cafe. Kavya again tries to instigate Vanraj. She says that Anupama’s business getting flourishes and you are here sitting like this.

Anupamaa Written Episode Update 20th July 2021: Anupama Helps Vanraj

Vanraj replies that he can’t compel people to come to the cafe. Toshu there goes to Kinjal and says that we need to talk. She says that she is already quite stressed about the cafe. Toshu insists that he wants to talk, but Kinjal avoids him. Meanwhile, Toshu gets a call and leaves from there. It gets evening but Vanraj didn’t get even a single customer in the cafe. Kavya there is shouting and says that Vanraj’s hasn’t got a single person in the cafe. Baa asks Kavya to go back home. Anupama consoles Kavya and asks her to don’t lose hope.

Kavya says if you are taunting them as you are getting many admissions. Kavya again says that she challenges that not even a single person will come here. Just then a couple enters and says it is a new place. Anupama and Vanraj welcome them and Kinjal taunts Kavya that we should now call her Champakali. The girl orders a Keto burger, but Vanraj says we don’t have that you can order a cheeseburger instead of that. The girl tries to leave from there and Kavya fumes. But Vanraj there asks the customer to stop let him asks the chef if we can get it for you.

Vanraj goes to the chef and he denies that he hasn’t any idea about that burger. Just then Anupama comes there, Kavya taunts Anupama. But Vanraj asks if she has got any idea about that. Anupama says that she made it on Pakhi’s birthday. Anupama prepares the burger and serves it to the customer, but the customer says what it that. Kavya is about to embarrass Anupama. But the customer says it is delicious and perfect. She then orders one more burger and 6 to take away. Tune in to Star Plus at 10 PM and enjoy the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss any Anupama Written Update.


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