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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th June 2021 Latest Episode Update: Veer Embarrass Rani


The opening sequence of the Apna Time Bhi Aayega begins with Rani who is recalling Veer’s words. Birju is about to say something, but in between Dadi enters. Dadi asks why did you return so early. Dadi says it is all because of Veer. She says that Vikram informed him that Veer has returned. Dadi asks about Veer and Rani replies that he is staying at the lodge. Just then she says that Kiara has come to visit our house. She then asks for food and Dadi goes to bring it. Birju asks for how long will sustain this lie. She says that your secret will reveal with Veer’s truth. Rani says that she will try to control things.

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Veer says we have to start making arrangements for the wedding, Kiara asks whose wedding is he talking about. Veer says Birju is going to marry Rani. She says we only come here for Vikram so better focus on that. He says that we have to leave promptly. Kiara then calls Rajeshwari and informs her that Veer is planning for Rani and Birju. Rajeshwari asks if he goes out of his mind. She asks further, Kiara says that she doesn’t know much but he remains angry all the time. Rajeshwari asks if Veer get to know what we are up to. It will spoil everything.

Veer and Kiara visit Rani’s place and Dadi welcomes Veer. Dadi asks Kiara if she gets married, Kiara nods yes. Veer then thinks to tell truth about Rani. Dadi gets perplexed. Veer says that it seems that you are unaware of the matter. Veer says he will disclose this secret in front of Rani. Veer says that we are going to stay here and prepare for the arrangements. Rajeshwari is getting ready to come to the village.

Rani, there is cleaning the bed for Birju but Veer comes there. Veer taunts that he was thinking that you faking things only with me. But you are tricking my entire family. He says that you are too good at keeping secret. Rani asks him to leave from there. Veer’s bad behaviour makes Rani cry. But Veer still makes fun of Rani’s tears. Rani tries to leave but he stops her and asks her to remove her wedding chain. You can get all the upcoming episodes of the show on Zee Tv and Zee 5 anytime. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more Apna Time Bhi Aayega written update.


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