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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 12 August 2021 Written Episode: Will Ranvijay Gets Exposed?


As you all have watched that Rani has disguised herself to expose Ranvijay so in the latest episode of the show you will watch some more crazy drama. Tonight’s episode begins with, Rani telling everyone that Hukum hired her for the house, they ask who Hukum? She replies that Digvijay hired her for the house and now all their troubles will go now as she has entered the house. Everyone stares at her while she replies that she knows it very well that she is adorable but stop looking at me like this.

Rani asks about Digijvay while Ranvijay says that he is out of town due to some work and he will let her know once he comes but now she can leave. Rani replies that she can’t wait more than a day and what will she do then if he takes more than two days. She then says that she has been paid for the work and she can’t take money without work. Mausa Ji says her to go in the kitchen and get breakfast for him. She smiles and goes to get the same. She directly goes to the Kitchen where Rajeshwari stops her asking how does she know about the location. She replies that Hukum Ji told her about everything so she just guessed about it.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode

Rani goes to the kitchen to help Rajeshwari meanwhile, Veer thinks that he did so many messages to Rani but she did not reply so she must be in some trouble. Ranvijay looks at him and wonders that now Veer has started to doubt. There, in the kitchen, Rajeshwari cooks and Rani says in herself that she knows you are doing all this just for Veer. Rajeshwari looks around, Rani asks her what she is looking for, she says some garam masala. Rani goes back and gets the jar of the garam masala, Rajeshwari again asks her that how does she know about this.

Ranvijay asks Veer that why is hee seems to be scared. He asks him what happened? Veer replies that Rani is missing and he is getting worried about her. Veer says that he has to go to the police because now it is the height of waiting. Ranvijay says to him that as he texted her so they should wait for her reply. Veer says his wife is missing and it is feeling that she is not even well he can’t wait anymore because anything can happen. Ranvijay says that going to the police can create drama. he says he does not care about any scene because all he wants is her wife. Champa comes and says breakfast is ready. Veer says him to go and have breakfast and he is going to the police station, Ranvijay thinks that how can he stop him because he has to stop him. The episode ends, to know what happened next watch the episode tonight at the correct time and stay tuned with us to get more latest episode updates.


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