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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th August 2021 Written Episode & Latest Updates Spoilers Alert


The latest episode of ATBA starts with, Veer says to Ranvijay that he was correct as he became so worried to know about Rani but he should wait for some time, perhaps she will come soon. Ranvijay smiles and thinks that now Veer will stay here for some more time and while he will get some more time to find Rani and ruin her, he says Veer to go and take some rest. Rani sees him going into his room, and she looks at Ranvijay.

Then she recalls that Veer called her but she did not pick. She goes and makes a call to him. Veer picks the call, Rani says it’s me. Veer replies, he knows it very well, and he can’t forget her voice. Veer asks her “where are you just tell me I’m coming to pick you up” Rani replies that she is at a college project, Veer says that he knows her and still she is lying. Rani replies that she has to be away from him and the family because it is mandatory for the situation. She says it will take some time, he asks “what are you talking about I’m not getting anything”.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode

He asks her what is going on in her mind? What do you want? Rani is about to tell him suddenly she recalls that call she got from Delhi saying Digvijay did not reach Delhi, she thinks that she has to save him as well. Rani says that he is at a good place and fine there. Veer says that he can’t let her stay alone and that too when he does not have any idea about situations. Rani assures him that she is at a safe place and will be back soon in a couple of days. Veer gets uneasy and unfortunately says yes to her, he then says “do whatever you want because now when you are not listening so what can I do in this”.

He also puts a condition, Rani asks him. He replies that she has to video call him every day just to show if she is fine. Rani says okay but if he makes a promise. He asks what, she replies that he has to keep it hide and make a promise that he won’t tell anyone that they are talking, Veer says “Okay Promise”. Now watching this is going to be so amazing that how Rani gets to Digvijay and how far the game of exposing Ranvijay goes. Stay tuned to read more episode updates and tune in to ZEE TV tonight at the right time to watch the episode.


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