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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th July 2021 Written Episode: Rajeshwari Yells Saying Call The Police


Tonight’s episode begins with, Malini saying to Jai that they should go from here and he can’t do that. Champa there thinks that she should have to do something, Rajeshwari yells saying call the police as they can’t leave like this. Champa says to her that Kusum has left her bag here. She takes the bag while some cash falls from that. Everyone gets shocked seeing this. Rajmata says that she gave this money to Rani to help some poor people. Rani also gets shocked and thinks how can the money come here.

Rani thinks that Champa must have put this into Kusum’s bag to save Jai. Kusum there replies that it is not her money. Jai says that Kusum is not lying as it’s his mistake. Rajeshwari asks him about the reality. Jai says that everyone has a past and it is true that Kusum and he was in a relationship and she asked me to help her as she was pregnant and he took her to the hospital for an abortion but she denied aborting as she wanted to keep the baby. He further says that it is not his money but as she was in a relationship with her so she just tried to help her by giving some money so that she can crib the baby, Veer yells at him saying please stop lying as his statements are running her image.

Nandini there looks at him asking what did he say? He replies that it is not his baby, though he is accepting his fault and his past as well, and says, your Bhaiya and Bhabhi do not want us to tied the knot. Jai further says that he should leave because he does not want Nandini to leave her family. Rani looks at him angrily saying please stop doing this drama. Veer there says that Jai is one of the finest drama artists and still he is doing that to melt everyone’s heart. Jai says to him that it’s okay if no one believes him but now he can’t bear his and his family’s insult anymore, he looks at his parents and says them to leave the place.

Rajeshwari stops him saying that this wedding will happen at any cost. Veer says to Rani Sa that how can she be so blind despite knowing everything. She says she does not care about anyone as she thinks that is the perfect one for her daughter. Nandini says that she will marry him as her mother find him for her and as her mother got him so no doubt that he is the perfect one for her future. Veer goes to Nandini and holds her hand saying he won’t let this wedding happen. Nandini looks at him and asks if he will go against her mother and his sister. Everyone has been shocked seeing this. The episode ends here, stay tuned with us to get more written episode updates of Apna Time Bhi Aayega…


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